Me Time: Then and Now

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A couple months ago, I challenged myself about making more time for ourselves and the activities we enjoy. I realized how our own happiness is essential if we want to adequately care for our spouse, our homes, our careers, etc. We can’t neglect our own needs, passions, hobbies, and favorite pastimes for too long; otherwise we’ll become tired, grumpy, cynical, and even physically ill.

Can anyone relate?

For  examples, we can make more time for ourselves, do more of the things we enjoy, and (as a result) live happier, more fulfilling lives.

Shopping for an afternoon sounds like pure torture, going to a busy restaurant or coffee shop to pay 5 times more for something that I could make in the comfort of my own home just seems like a waste of time and money.

Yes, I realize how insane this might sound to some (many) of you; but the idea of going on a weekend retreat or a coffee date just to “get away” sounds insane to me. What do I want to “get away” from? I LOVE being home!

Why I rarely ever feel the need for traditional forms of “me time” (especially since I got married!)

What I realized is that I actually DO enjoy “me time”… but my “me time” is often spent on everyday tasks that so many others want to get away from.

For example:

  1. Cleaning is actually something I enjoy for the most part. Not only do I get so much satisfaction from the end result (even if it only stays clean until my husband wake up the next day..hahaha), but it’s also a great stress-reliever. I just zone out and clean while I think about whatever I want to think about.
  2. Starting (and finishing) an organizing project is something I often look forward to all day (or even for multiple days). I love tweaking things to find the best, most efficient way to organize a space — and of course, I love PURGING
  3.  Rearranging furniture and finding new uses for items in my home is oddly energizing for me.
  4. Cooking is almost always therapeutic — I can feel the stress melting away.
  5. Gardening is cathartic for me — offering a physical way to release frustration and exercise creativity.  — whether it’s pulling weeds, deadheading plants, pruning trees, mowing the lawn, raking leaves, or transplanting perennials; there is always more I’d like to do
  6. Even writing blog posts and interacting with various readers via email, social media, and comments is something I thoroughly enjoy 98% of the time. I often think through various topics and blog post ideas throughout the day, and the words just seem to flow through my fingers when I’m finally able to just sit in my bed. BTW HAPPY 5TH ANNIVERSARY TO MY BLOG!! Yeaahh..I registered on WordPress 5 years ago. >.<

And that list above is the main reason I’m able to accomplish so much every day!

These are some of my favorite pastimes, my cherished “me time” activities, the things I just can’t wait to do. Yes, that means I would almost always choose to clean, cook, organize, write, or arrange furniture over getting a massage, going out for dinner, or having a girls weekend.

If you share my love of all domestic activities, you most likely understand how convenient it can be to use our “me time” in productive ways, completing tasks we need to do anyway. However, for the majority of you, I assume this might be difficult to comprehend.

If you fall into that majority group who can’t even fathom using “me time” to clean, organize, cook, or pull weeds, I hope this post will help to ease some of your guilt and frustration now that you realize how [weird, crazy, insane] I am! Haha

You see… — we all must make some time for ourselves on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. I don’t think it’s smart or healthy to constantly deny our own happiness just for the sake of crossing one more thing off our to-do lists. Obviously the cooking and cleaning need to happen at some point, but it might not be the end of the world if they have to wait a day or so if it means you are a happier and healthier person.

I guess the trick is just to find that happy-medium area where you have time to do those necessary household tasks AND a little time left over for yourself.

This happy-medium looks different for every person and every situation so I don’t have a great solution to instantly solve your time management equation. If you’re “lucky enough” (also read “crazy enough”) to enjoy cooking, cleaning, gardening, and organizing, you will probably have less trouble working adequate “me time” into your daily routine.

However, if those activities aren’t all that enjoyable for you, I would encourage you to come up with at least one thing you really love doing and figure out a way to work that thing into your daily or weekly routine — even if it means letting the laundry sit for a day (I can’t believe I just typed that!)

Also, I’m certain many of you have great examples of how you work “me time” into your daily and weekly routines. I know so many others could benefit from reading your advice and ideas, so I’d love to know…

How do YOU fit “me time” into your schedule?


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