Bucket List Unlocked: My First Train Journey…YIPPIIIIII!!!

I had never traveled in a train. My first train journey was from Surabaya to Semarang. I was so thrilled and waited eagerly for the day to come. I was expecting it to be one of the memorable days in my life. It was 4th March, 2017. It was a wonderful trip with my husband. Our train was scheduled to depart by 20:00 p.m. As soon as the train came into the platform, the passengers rushed to get into the train.  With a little of difficulty we could find our seats and placed our bag. All of us were seated in the same compartment. I was so excited. It was a great experience for me.  A thrill of excitement ran through my veins.

I sat by the window and looked at the passing scenery. By the time the train started for Semarang, I was busy observing the scenic beauty of East Java. Numerous roads, huge factories, busy towns and numerous stations. We didn’t realize how quickly time had passed.

Though it was a long, tiring 3,5 hours train journey, but it was really a memorable experience for me. There is romance in train travel—the rhythm of a train moving over the tracks, that rocking movement, the muffled noises of the world outside. There is the deep history of steel laid over prairie grass, bridges built, towns made and destroyed. There are stories of other journeys along the tracks, both dramatic and mundane.

Big World. Tiny People. I know it sounds like it, but this is not about ‘little people’ – I promise.

Instead, I wanted to share the stark reminder I got last week of how much like tiny dots we are when faced with the majesty of Nature – and the world at large. As countries become more globally interlinked, and we enjoy more freedom of travel and movement, it doesn’t always feel that way.

But last week, when I visited Madura island, I felt it.

This was the one time I felt like my life was truly in danger, especially when I was on my flight from Semarang to Surabaya,  and I enjoyed every moment of it. It reminded me of just how much power Nature wields over our everyday lives, whether we acknowledge it or not.

When I got home, and I got the chance to go over all the amazing pictures and videos I had taken, it further impressed upon me just how much we are like tiny dots.



4 thoughts on “Bucket List Unlocked: My First Train Journey…YIPPIIIIII!!!

  1. dulu setiap kali naik kereta api, saya merasakan suatu perasaan yang tak dapat diungkap 😀
    walaupun sekarang menjadi hal biasa karena menjadi rutinitas saya menaikinya setiap minggu. saya suka dengan transportasi ini, hehehe
    selamat! telah menikmati pengalaman naik kereta, semoga selalu menyenangkan 🙂

  2. Wow! Congrats on your first train journey!

    Saya dulu penggemar setia kereta api, waktu jaman bayarnya masih boleh di keretanya, tanpa perlu booking tiket dulu. Dulu naik kereta berasa nostalgic banget, ramainya penjual makanan dan minuman di dalem kereta, juga wara – wirinya pengamen stasiun bener2 bikin suasana naik kereta itu asik. Sekarang walaupun lebih nyaman, tapi sepi, nothing to do except to look at the window and read a book. I miss that moment..

    • Wah iya ya. Semua ada kelebihan dan kekurangannya masing-masing. Padahal saya naik kereta pengennya sambil liat pemandangan alam gitu juga, Cuma ternyata jendelanya gag bisa dibuka. hehehe..

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