My Cat, Otong


I still remember the first day I had met him, it was my wedding day. Those days I could not stand the thought of living under the same room with a cat, or any pet for that matter. But within a week, he won my heart. His mischievous eyes that also reflected the innocence of a kitten and his playful attitude warmed my heart towards him and made me find a new companion in him.

I named him Otong. I never knew before that the presence of a tiny animal could affect my life to such an extent. Otong had become the baby of our house. He got the most attention from everyone. His charm worked on people in such a delightful way. I am not sure whether those who have never owned a pet would be able to relate to my emotions but I can guarantee that anyone who has ever loved and cared for an animal in this manner would be able to understand exactly what I am talking about. Expert report that there are specific unique ways that our cats saying ‘I love You’.

My relationship with my cats consists of a WHOLE BUNCH of love and just a teeny tiny bit of hate. But, who am I kidding? Anyone who owns a cat knows exactly what I mean. They are most often a total joy, but there are a few things than can make you just a little bit nuts.

Let me start with the bad first and mention what makes up that tiny bit of hate. First on the list is never being able to sleep in because my ‘living alarm clocks’ always know when it’s time for breakfast and feel it’s their duty to wake me up to serve them. ZZZzzzZZZ

Secondly, is the constant state of pet hair everywhere. The cat say, “I don’t care whose hair it is. You’re the human. Now pick it up!” LOL

So, now that I covered the “hate” part, I have to say there are waaaaaaay more many reasons why I love my cat and are glad they are part of our lives. Actually, there are more ways than I have the time or space to share, but just a few of them are: There is nothing better than spending my day with a cute, cuddly cat curled up on my belly, next to me on my desk, or wedged in behind me on my desk chair. I love that!

A strange bond forms between a pet and his family, which can just not be explained. It can only be felt. To compare it to the bond between a mother and a child, or two friends would still be inappropriate because this is just something different, yet intense. A new lesson life has taught me is that love, companionship and attachment are not dependent on how similar two individuals are. It does not depend on race, culture, religion and in this case, species of origin. It is a magical connection that just happens and its longevity depends on how much we value it and how much effort we take to maintain it.

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