Something to Remember

The other day I was sitting by myself in a local coffee shop near my office. I was drinking a latte and working on my laptop, something I really enjoy doing. For some reason I’m much more productive when I don’t work from office or home.

A group of three girls sat left from me. Talking and laughing about general high school stuff, I assumed. Until after a few minutes I realized they were laughing about me, and the fact that I was sitting here all by myself. According to them, I must have no friends and therefore be a horrible person.

In the past, this would have made me feel terrible about myself. I might have even stopped going to coffee shops by myself because I’d feel so self-conscious about my surroundings, but that’s not me. Not anymore at least.

Because what people say doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter what some high school girl thinks of me. It doesn’t matter if people think it’s weird that I like to do things by myself.

What matters is that I got a lot of work done today. What matter is that I get to enjoy a delicious latte. What matters is that I feel good today. That I’m free to enjoy the sun when so many people can’t. What matters is that I feel comfortable in my own skin and my surroundings, without being affected by what others think.