Instagram, A Challenge For Those Who Has A Real Web Blog

Blog vs. Instagram? Don’t get me wrong; I love Instagram as much as everyone else, and it’s definitely my #1 social media obsession, but I never considered that it could be on the same playing field as a blog. I like to think that Instagram compliments my blog but can never replace it.

My Instagram photos are a little more relaxed and brings readers further into my life. When I follow a blogger, I always look to follow their Instagram pages as well. It’s usually a good daily way to keep up with them.

Sometimes I have this weird & confusing feeling/questioning of, Is anyone even reading?I have also noticed less commenting on blogs. I think most people find it hard to comment on WordPress with a phone… maybe a case to swap to a different platform.

With that said, a blog is a bigger capture of life. Instagram is great, but I always love more. I love deeper posts on faith, explanations of life– or even thoughts behind an outfit.

I read blogs every day, usually through WordPress. I do use Instagram, way more than I use any other social media. It’s just a good combo of pictures and a little comment. For reading, I like blogs a little more, mostly because I can read them at work. I always have people tell me they love my blog, but don’t leave comments. I guess the commenting part of the blog world is becoming a little more rare.

In a world full of smartphones, and selfies, and “Instagram-worthy” photographs, editing is now considered a hobby, mostly for avid social media users. I consider myself an Instagram enthusiast. I first began using it at the middle of 2013, when only a few chosen ones knew about the phenomenon that was about to blow up. At the time, anyone who used Instagram saw him or herself as a real photographer. The filters provided by the platform, in my eyes (and in the eyes of many), basically made my pictures gallery-worthy.

Now,three years later, I can only laugh at my past self. How did myself come to the conclusion that pointing my phone at a cup of coffee and clicking a button suddenly made me a photographer?! Not to mention the terrible lighting!! The quality!!! And the choice of filters!!!! Horrific!!!!!

I am older now, wiser.

I’m saving screen shots and archiving ideas, creating my own private library of inspiration. I mostly use my Instagram to promote my desktop blog; however there are posts on my Instagram that are independent from my blog. I love the quickness and efficiency of reaching the masses through Instagram. Instagram is definitely visual blogging.

My Instagram “diary” mostly consists of my friends, family, myself, and places I’ve traveled.

Instagram is how I keep people up-to-date and connected to the things happening in my life. While there are some people solely concerned about the number of likes they receive on a photo (I know people who will delete a picture and repost it because they didn’t get enough likes, yikes), that’s not my concern. I obviously like the picture or I wouldn’t be posting it, whether you like it or not is your prerogative.

Aside from the things I post, I also view photos that my friends are sharing and other accounts where the content interests me or I find it aesthetically pleasing. I like the freedom of being able to curate my audience and having control over what I see and what I don’t see. While Instagram isn’t private it feels private, I have the power to choose who I want to and don’t want to share my life with.

Instagram can be tricky with those who has a real web blog, as at times Instagram can become more popular than the blog itself!

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