It’s Not Just Time. It’s Also Energy.

Pic from here
Pic from here

I grew up writing stories. I enjoyed it. I majored in French in college and when I wasn’t writing essays or creative pieces for assignments, I would also write for myself. That practice continued long after I graduated. I had notebooks and PC word docs filled with stories and ideas that I created in the evenings after work or on weekends.

I hear this all the time and you probably do, too: “I don’t have time.” It’s often the first response or excuse we think of when we don’t want to do something or think it isn’t possible.

But as years went by I began working longer, more stressful hours at my job and writing for fun slowed down. And then stopped. I didn’t write for 8 months.

Certainly the more hours I spent working meant fewer hours left for myself, but what was worse than the lack of time was the lack of energy. I was tired in every sense: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. My free time became about recovery, not about hobbies, having fun, and spending time with people. I needed a lot of sleep just to be able to get back up the next day or the next Monday and go to work again.

My mind and energy were so consumed by work that I didn’t have the brain-space for creative ideas. The hours between work and sleep now had the potential to work on creative projects. When I shifted my priorities, my entire life shifted.

Sometimes life sucks. You’re stressed out. Don’t feel like your normal self. Aren’t up to doing all the things you used to do. It could be for any or multiple reasons, right? We’ve all been there.

I’m there.

I like keeping my private matters private, so I’m leaving the details out. Thanks for understanding and not asking about it!

And anyway, I don’t want to talk about the details. I want to talk about how I’m handling it. I’m prioritizing my health and well being, the people I care about, and doing the very best I can for my clients.

So how is that going?

Well, business is great. The people I interact with from day to day are the best I could ask for, and I like my job every single day. So that’s good!

I am focused on doing great work for my clients. I am not, however, taking on much new work, posting my blog 2 times a week (thanks for noticing, by the way), and taxes are on track. I’m not up for all of it right now, and would rather focus on the most important stuff and do the rest when I can.

My health and well being and the people I care about are up and down. Good days, bad days, fun days, sad days. I haven’t been to skate. I’m reaching out to my friends and family when I need support. But I’m not being a great friend to all of the people that matter to me because I don’t have the energy for it. I try to let them know I care and be there when it counts the most.

The negative stuff is temporary. I’m looking forward to getting past it and excited for the future. Overall life is good, I’m fortunate, and I know it. Grateful.

People say “be gentle with yourself” when you’re going through a rough time. Well, yes, but what does that mean exactly? For me it means I know my priorities and that’s what I’m focused on. I’m doing the best I can with what I’ve got.

I hope you are doing great. And if you’re not, I hope you’re also focusing on the most important things and letting the rest go until you’re ready for it.

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