BYE BYE 2016


It’s not the end of the year just yet, but this is the last post I’ll make for 2016. So as the sun sets on the past, let me share some parting wisdom to take us into 2017. Uhuuuuk!

Last night, while deleting some old pictures, I found this one. A blurry shot taken with a budget smartphone – it hardly looks like much. Yet, it was exactly what I needed to see.
What’s so special about this picture?

Well… those were the two suitcases (and laptop bag) I fit my entire life into after giving away, bartering, and selling everything in my boarding house. After years of acquiring furniture, keeping sentimental items, and working hard, this was all I had left of it.

Thus – this blurry picture packed quite the punch when I saw it.
It reminded me of just how very little we need to get by as humans, versus all the items we tend to stack up in our homes for alleged comfort. It also reminded me of how excited and nervous I was – knowing I had taken a huge risk and having no idea where it would take me.

In short: it reminded me of where this all started on 2012.

Since then, I somehow managed to achieve almost all the things I set out to do. Still, I achieved so many other things that in the wake of triumph it’s hard to beat myself up over tiny shortcomings. For me, it took giving up everything I had worked hard to build to encourage me to fight tooth and nail for a better life.

I encourage you to really take a look at the lives you’ve lived this year and identify all the things you want to change. From that list, select all the things you actually can change. You might not be able to take them all on, but pick a thing (or two… or three… or more!) that you can focus on for 2017.

Then comes the hard part:
Actually sticking with it!

My 2016 resolution was to take risks. I did exactly that. it’s been a wonderful year of success and I’m even trying to draw some positive out of the more challenging parts. I am a true believer that everything happens for a reason.

I’m not sure what 2017 will hold. But I am ready!


I can’t thank you all enough for reading my blog. 2016 wouldn’t be as much fun as it was if it wasn’t for the awesome readers who stop by here. My biggest source of inspiration comes from talking with other people. It makes me happy.

So…Have a great year guys!

May 2017 see you in high spirits and bring you success and happiness. Wishing you and your families health and happiness in 2017.

Because nothing much else matters, right?

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