Vespadventure: Riding is the Spice of Life



Can two people be content wedged together on one vespa, with one holding all the power of maneuvering the machine and one literally putting his or her life in the hands of the operator? Sure! Thousands of couples ride vespas two-up for thousands of miles a year and love it. Just like us.

One  year ago, Iting bought one of the best ever gift for us…A Vespa scooter! Our vespa name is Simi.  To say I love it would be an understatement!  This is the perfect way to get around!  It gets us wherever we want to go and into the closest parking spots imaginable!


Well, if we want to spend time together, this is the perfect way to do it. Sometimes I cringe a little when he gets a bit aggressive. But I remind myself that in order to be comfortable riding as a passenger, you have to trust your rider.

I like not having the responsibility of being the pilot. This is a lot better. I just sit back and let Iting do the work. I could just relax and enjoy the view and the smells and the feel of riding through those streets. Sometimes the backseat is the best seat.

Riding is the spice of life, the additive to a day that makes life a feast. Riding is the spice of life.  In this life at least. That vespa spiriting me away physically and emotionally in an experience that lives today. That’s spice.  That’s what riding is about for me.


Even the little trips are fun and full of surprises. Life is always an adventure on two wheels. Life is better with a Vespa scooter. 😀




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