The Price of Freedom

Postingan ini ditulis sambil mantengin situs nyari tiket pesawat buat liburan tahun depan bareng suami, sambil menikmati bakso yang lewat depan rumah pas gerimis syahdu gini. Sejenak jadi mikir. Gara-gara pusing nyari tiket, bukan perkara harganya tapi ngatur waktunya. PPPppffTTTttt


We throw the word around a lot.

Kids want freedom from adult authority. Parents want their kids to enjoy freedom from peer pressure.

The LGBT community wants freedom from societal expectations of sexuality and gender norms. African Americans want freedom from racial profiling. Women want freedom from chauvinism and patriarchal social structures.

We all want freedom.
But what is it really?
And if you knew exactly what it was, what price would you put on it?


These days, our generation is mostly concerned with financial freedom. We spend years in school getting degrees  for jobs that will give us a financially secure future; freeing us from the limitations of poverty. And then we spend the vast majority of our lives enslaved to these jobs to prolong this false sense of freedom.

I’m not advising anyone to quit their jobs. Someone has to work. We can’t all be entrepreneurs, trust fund kids, sugar babies, and hippies. We need full time doctors, nurses, garbage collectors, and lawyers, too. Di sini makanya saya jengah tiap kali ada orang yang selalu mengagung-agungkan jadi pengusaha dan merendahkan karyawan. Gag semua orang harus jadi pengusaha, toh pengusaha juga butuh karyawan kan?

But sometimes people allow themselves to do little more than eat, sleep, work and repeat. That’s not living. That’s not freedom. That’s making it through the day.

That’s surviving.
Our species evolved past that a long time ago.



But when I think back to true freedom, it wasn’t weekend road trips sponsored by my job that made me feel the most free. It was childhood freedom, when our needs were greater but our wants were less.

I remember when my greatest desire when I walked into a store was a colouring book and a pack of crayons, or a book to scribble in; not a new phone or a laptop.



The unbearable fact that most of us don’t like to admit to ourselves (and which others use as an excuse), is that freedom is not free.

And even when we give up our homes and our things, savings don’t last forever, and freelancing and entrepreneurship doesn’t always pay the bills. Maybe I’ll figure it out and find a way to prolong what was originally supposed to be a 6 month adventure, and maybe I won’t.

Kebebasan yang terasa mahal bagi saya saat ini adalah waktu. Bekerja full di kantor, begitu juga dengan suami kadang membuat keputusan sederhana seperti mau liburan kapan jadi sedikit rumit. SEPERTI SEKARANG INI! Dulu, waktu masih mahasiswa mau liburan seminggu ke luar kota juga gag masalah. Sekarang? Mau cuti lebih dari 3 hari aja susah. Haha…maklum, kantor gag mau rugi kali ya kalo karyawannya ambil cuti rapelan. Pengen deh liburan yang bener-bener liburan. Oh God…pleaseeeeee. T_T

But until then… here I am. I’m where I want to be. Are you?

If you don’t like the answer to that question, then fix it! – even if it’s only a temporary moment of blissful freedom!


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