#BunTingStory: I Am An Unromantic Person

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Photo from here

I’m trying not to procrastinate my posting or else my momentum would be lost again.

It’s been close to 3 months and sometimes I still wonder what my husband sees in me. I swear anybody, especially if one’s of the opposite sex, would have already surrendered before we hit our third month together because of my stubborn temper. hahaha

My mindset in a way deters people from knowing me, I know that, especially guys which explains why at the age of 19, I’m only in my second relationship (and probably the final one :)). Because according to my friends, they feel threatened and overshadowed as I’m not your usual girly-girl. During my secondary school years, I distant myself from guys A LOT even when they want to get to know me.

I can be considered as a feminist, but in a different way because I do not consider both genders to be equal. When I have many heavy cartons that need to be transported, I’d still love the males to be the ones doing it.  Basically I just enjoy the feeling of empowerment. You’re right, I’m a man in a female’s body.

I want to have the final say.

Talking about girly-girl, I believe most girls out there enjoy being pampered and showered with gifts and flowers. But strangely, I do not even though I love floral prints on my dresses. I think giving flowers is the dumbest gift idea which tells nothing about a guy but a money waster and cliché person – and I haven’t even mentioned about being supportive of environmental destruction. Holding a bouquet of flowers in public is also an embarrassment to me and I’d cringe whenever people look into my direction.

Sorry all, I don’t mean to show off and give you the impression that my boyfriend loves me a lot because this dude over here has too much money to spend and he insisted that I hold the flowers in my hands wherever I go to show that he is a real loving man that any other girl would die for.

But seriously, what do girls do with their flowers? They wither and eventually you’d have to discard them what!

I do know of some girls who dry them and use them as bookmarks. But still, you got so many books for so many bookmarks meh?? And it’s such a waste of time!

And gifts – I’m actually referring mostly to soft toys – are also nothing but a bunch useless things that take up space. I have nowhere to put them but in my storeroom, and after a few years, it would be thrown into the garbage. Lastly, they collect dust. So from the above, you should be able to tell that I’m a very practical person. Want to give, also must give useful and practical stuff. But most people are unable to achieve that because they usually run out of ideas and give up. Hahaha! Just joking! But having said that, the feminine side of me thinks that jewellery makes good gifts only if they are suitable and nice. But excessive jewellery gifts also turns me off. Best not to buy any because anyway I can get them on my own with my own money!

When do guys usually give such things? It’s usually on the special days of a relationship and yes, you’ve guessed it – I’m not a fan of  monthsary, anniversary or whatever-sary you can think of (even Valentine’s day. It’s so commercialized I hate it GOSH!!). I think they are just lame excuses to get gifts which I honestly feel that if you’re really sincere, you’d get them anytime. And I freakin’ hate monthsaries. It’s a waste of time and money and the memory in my brain. I’ve got better dates to remember like my Mom’s birthday I’m sorry.

And all that sum up to one thing: I am an unromantic person. YES I DON’T DENY THAT. All those mushy-squishy stuff only make me quiver. -Brrrrrr- But on the other hand, it’s good financially what, right? Hahaha

I can’t really remember what else to include. So it’s a wonder why Mr Ilham Pratama is still staying by my side despite getting verbally and physically ‘bullied’ by me ALL THE TIME. He needs a standing ovation!! WOOHOO


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