#BunTingStory: I Am An Unromantic Person

Photo from here
Photo from here

I’m trying not to procrastinate my posting or else my momentum would be lost again.

It’s been close to 3 months and sometimes I still wonder what my husband sees in me. I swear anybody, especially if one’s of the opposite sex, would have already surrendered before we hit our third month together because of my stubborn temper. hahaha

My mindset in a way deters people from knowing me, I know that, especially guys which explains why at the age of 19, I’m only in my second relationship (and probably the final one :)). Because according to my friends, they feel threatened and overshadowed as I’m not your usual girly-girl. During my secondary school years, I distant myself from guys A LOT even when they want to get to know me.

I can be considered as a feminist, but in a different way because I do not consider both genders to be equal. When I have many heavy cartons that need to be transported, I’d still love the males to be the ones doing it.  Basically I just enjoy the feeling of empowerment. You’re right, I’m a man in a female’s body.Continue reading “#BunTingStory: I Am An Unromantic Person”