My Habits That Make Me An Office Weirdo


One of the many perks of having a normal job like a normal person is that I have a whole new source of blog content: healthy living meets professional life! I’ve I’m already laughing at myself on a daily basis for all the awkward things I do. Some of them I do on purpose in the name of health, but most of them are only incidentally healthy and I do them without thinking about it. It may not make me many friends, but I’m embracing it.

1. I fidget like crazy

I read an interview with the researchers about one of the bigger studies on the negative impact of sitting. In it, they talked about how the negative health impacts are significantly reduced for people who sit but don’t sit STILL. Long love the fidgeters! This is great news for me since I’m basically incapable of sitting in one position for more than a few minutes. I swivel my chair, cross/uncross/recross my legs, tuck a leg up, switch sides, fiddle with things on my desk, and on and on over and over all day. Yes I still get work done. No I have no idea how.

2. I sit in weird positions

Desk yoga anyone? My constant fidgeting accidentally gets me in some weird positions already. If you add to that the deliberate moments of half lotus, hero, various shoulder openers, and anything else I come up with, there’s a good chance if you walk by my office you’ll catch me in some kind of awkward position.

3. I actually go to people’s offices

I know you’ve all heard about the damage caused by prolonged sitting a million times before so I won’t get all preachy, but the point is it’s terrible for you, and exercise won’t undo the damage. I hope to live a nice long life, so I get up and walk every chance I get. That means if I have a question about a project in working on, I hoof it over the office whoever can answer it.

4. I always have a water bottle

So far, I’m kinda glued to my  water bottle. There is always bottled water available, which some people take, but I love the planet too much not to use my own. I drink water all day long, and have a weird fear about being stranded without water and having to buy it bottled, so I always keep it with me. This also means…..

5. I go to the bathroom approximately 123456789 times per day

Sorry I’m not sorry because it’s the truth. It’s all the water!

6. I am always eating

At least, I’m sure that’s how it seems to my coworkers. I almost always bring my own food instead of eating out. Now, before everyone freaks out, I believe HOW you eat is very individualized and what works for one person doesn’t work for another. Listen to your body, it knows the way. My body says “feed me a little bit at a time all day long and I will be happy.” Eating several snacks and spreading my lunch consumption over a couple hours means I have food out on my desk WAY more often than anyone else.

Questions: Are you an office weirdo? Is it because of your healthy habits? (If not, you can tell me, it’s totally cool  )






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