SkateRoll Magazine, Sebuah Lahan Baru Mengais Pengalaman

Jika ada yang bertanya kenapa akhir-akhir ini saya jarang posting di blog, maka inilah jawabannya.

Puji syukur akhirnya majalah yang sempat tertunda peluncurannya ini bisa dipublikasikan edisi perdananya pada bulan April 2016. Ini dia dengan bangga kami persembahkan SKATEROLL MAGAZINE 1st Skating & Rolling Sports Magazine in Indonesia’.

skateroll cover april


Untuk edisi April (Perdana) ini di Rubrik MVP ada cover story dari Tasya Putri Setiabudiawan, liputan Inline Speed Skating World Championship 2015, komunitas Velocity dari kota Kupang, liputan ice hockey Lion City Cup 2016 Singapore, liputan Short Track ISU Tri-Series 2016, dan masih banyak lagi liputan-liputan menarik lainnya di edisi perdana ini. Intinya syh kami lebih memaparkan seputar dunia skating dan rolling, sebagai ajang perkenalan juga bagi yang masih awam. Karena bisa saja pembaca kami bukan hanya orang-orang yang bergelut di dunia skating dan rolling kan?Continue reading “SkateRoll Magazine, Sebuah Lahan Baru Mengais Pengalaman”

Surround Yourself With People Who Challenge You

‘You need to associate with people that inspire you, people that challenge you to rise higher, people that make you better. Don’t waste your valuable time  with people that are not adding to your growth. Your destiny is too important.’ – Joel Osteen

I have been so richly blessed by connecting with positive peoples. The last few weeks I have been spending my time with very dear, old friends and experienced the joy of being challenged. I am very lucky to have friends who seem to be able to really lift my spirits and inspire me in every way. They ask the right questions, come up with good ideas and really make me think creatively.Continue reading “Surround Yourself With People Who Challenge You”

To Those Who Have Touched My Twenty-One Years of Life But Are No Longer A Part Of It

What a wonderful post, a list of thank yous from Brianna Woodward.

Brianna Woodward

To those who have touched my twenty-one years of life but are no longer a part of it,

I hope all is well with you. It’s been a while. It could be a month or two. Or maybe over a decade. Either way, hello.

I turned twenty-one this past January. Crazy, I know. I hope you’ve had beautiful birthdays since the last time we’ve spoken. And I hope the years between those birthdays have been beautiful too.

I’m a lot different since I last saw you. I’m learning more about myself every single day. Sometimes it feels like I’m backtracking, or like I don’t know myself at all. But I can’t even say I’m the same person I was a month ago. So I’ve realized it’s okay to get confused by myself every once in a while.

I wanted to write to you for a lot of reasons. To say…

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My Habits That Make Me An Office Weirdo


One of the many perks of having a normal job like a normal person is that I have a whole new source of blog content: healthy living meets professional life! I’ve I’m already laughing at myself on a daily basis for all the awkward things I do. Some of them I do on purpose in the name of health, but most of them are only incidentally healthy and I do them without thinking about it. It may not make me many friends, but I’m embracing it.Continue reading “My Habits That Make Me An Office Weirdo”

So Many Things Are In Flux Right Now


Blogging (or more specifically, not blogging) has been stressing me out lately. My life is changing and my time is changing and since I started this blog, I’ve changed. And as you can probably tell from the title, it’s not even the only thing I’m trying to sort out. I feel like so many things are in flux right now. I’ve been trying to sort out what that means for this space while trying to figure out how blogging fits into my new schedule, and in the meantime I’m posting less and less without explanation. So here it is.Continue reading “So Many Things Are In Flux Right Now”