Start SMALL. Start NOW.

What are you waiting to do once you’re ‘done’?

Write a book? Learn an art? Start a cafe? Go on a month long vacation?

Spend more quality time with your partner or kids or parents? Spend more quality time with YOU?

Or maybe something as simple as reading more often, catching up with friends more often, working out more often or taking long, solitary walks more often.

Those little things which you know are big to you; doing which makes you feel happy or proud or alive.

The ones you’ve kept aside, for now, fully intending to do them once you’re done with your present work.  When your plate is empty and you have ample free time.

“I want to but I don’t have the time now. These are my years for working hard and earning more. I can always do them once I’m at that certain position where I won’t have to work so much.”

And which position is that? Even the ones in the higher ranks, with 10 times the money you have, have to work. Because in today’s world, no one buys the concept of ‘enough’. When you have more, you want more and for that, you must work more.

Or are you waiting until you retire? Considering how no one really ‘retires’ nowadays until their bowel movements become involuntary,  good luck with beginning to live your life right when it’s about to end.

We love to live in the land of tomorrows because there everything is just the way we want it to be. What we don’t realise is that eventually the tomorrow becomes today, and then we find that nothing has changed after all.

Because when it comes to life and its responsibilities, you’ll never be done.

There’d still be work to do whether you’re a fresher or a CEO. There’d still be huge and petty issues to attend to, be it at your office or home. There’d still be the laundry, the dinner, the bills, the repairs, the groceries waiting for you to get them done. Just when you think you’re done, something new will always come up.

No one will hand you ‘free time’ on a silver platter. You’ll have to make the time for the things that matter, the people who are important, the dreams that must be honoured.

It doesn’t even need to be something drastic. Start with just 10 minutes of doing what you want to, or 1 day of going where you want to or a weekend class of learning what you want to – and take it from there. You must claim your moment in this demanding, maddening, rushing life and do what your heart yearns to do.

And you must do it today.

Because tomorrow is a fickle-minded bitch. What if it decides to not see you anymore? What if you drop dead, today, on your way back home?

It’s a morbid thought, I know. But I’ve found that it helps me gain perspective. It helps me realise that I may think I have all the time in the world to do all that I want – but actually I don’t. I wouldn’t even know it’s my last day on Earth until it’s too late.

So don’t wait until you’re ‘done’ to do something that matters to you. Start small. But start now.

Because the only time you’ll be completely done is when your life is done with you.

And I’m sure you don’t want to wait until that happens, do you?

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