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Yeaahh…It’s Okay To Change Your Mind

Once as a child, I had a piece of eggplant and didn’t like it. I promptly decided that I’m going to hate eggplants for the rest of my life. And then, years later, I went to restaurant and ordered a menu without checking the ingredients and ended up with eggplants in my mouth.

But that wasn’t the annoying part. The annoying part was that I liked it.

Which meant the energy I put into hating it all these years and declaring it to the world was a complete waste. I still can’t say ‘I don’t mind eggplant now’.

If I can be this melodramatic about changing my views about an eggplant, think of the bigger declarations that you make about yourself, to yourself and the world. How will it feel if your mind does a sudden backflip and decides it wants something else? Continue reading “Yeaahh…It’s Okay To Change Your Mind”

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Start SMALL. Start NOW.

What are you waiting to do once you’re ‘done’?

Write a book? Learn an art? Start a cafe? Go on a month long vacation?

Spend more quality time with your partner or kids or parents? Spend more quality time with YOU?

Or maybe something as simple as reading more often, catching up with friends more often, working out more often or taking long, solitary walks more often.

Those little things which you know are big to you; doing which makes you feel happy or proud or alive. Continue reading “Start SMALL. Start NOW.”