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I received a Happy Anniversary greeting from WordPress acknowledging my 4 years of blogging with them. Time has a way of flying by, doesn’t it?
Now, since it took me off guard, I didn’t have time to write an acceptance speech. But I want to begin by thanking WordPress who made it all possible. Without them, where would I be?
Next, I want to thank my readers especially those who have become my blogging friends over the years. Kisses to you all!
I’m running out of time, I know… there are so many of you to mention.
I remember 4 years ago wanting to blog but not having a niche. Many of my blogging friends wrote about their books, kids, quilts, photography, lessons, travels and other magical topics. I just wanted to write.
So, here I am four years later. Will I still be writing four years from now? Of course YES.
What I love most about blogging is looking back over the years to see what I wrote. Like a journal, it gives me a glimpse of where I was at that point in time.
Warm regards and thanks for a great 4 years.

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Semaine Un Peu Difficile …..Pour Courir???


Salut !

Se motiver pour courir est parfois plus difficile, mais comme vous le savez il y a toujours des hauts et des bas dans la vie d’un athlète et celle-ci était juste un peu moins bonne. Les baisses de motivation nous arrivent à tous, c’est tout à fait normal.  Toutefois ça fait plusieurs années que je ne me pose plus cette question : Comment se motiver pour courir lorsqu’il fait froid, qu’il pleut, que j’ai envie de m’étendre dans mon canapé… ! Pourquoi ? Parce que j’ai changé ma façon de m’entraîner à l’année. Tout est basé sur ma mon plan d’entraînement annuel et s’entraîner sérieusement sans se prendre au sérieux! hahaha

Du coup, aujourd’hui, je vous donne mes 5 meilleurs conseils pour se motiver pour courir et garder cette motivation au top toute l’année ! Continue reading “Semaine Un Peu Difficile …..Pour Courir???”

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Yeaahh…It’s Okay To Change Your Mind

Once as a child, I had a piece of eggplant and didn’t like it. I promptly decided that I’m going to hate eggplants for the rest of my life. And then, years later, I went to restaurant and ordered a menu without checking the ingredients and ended up with eggplants in my mouth.

But that wasn’t the annoying part. The annoying part was that I liked it.

Which meant the energy I put into hating it all these years and declaring it to the world was a complete waste. I still can’t say ‘I don’t mind eggplant now’.

If I can be this melodramatic about changing my views about an eggplant, think of the bigger declarations that you make about yourself, to yourself and the world. How will it feel if your mind does a sudden backflip and decides it wants something else? Continue reading “Yeaahh…It’s Okay To Change Your Mind”

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Start SMALL. Start NOW.

What are you waiting to do once you’re ‘done’?

Write a book? Learn an art? Start a cafe? Go on a month long vacation?

Spend more quality time with your partner or kids or parents? Spend more quality time with YOU?

Or maybe something as simple as reading more often, catching up with friends more often, working out more often or taking long, solitary walks more often.

Those little things which you know are big to you; doing which makes you feel happy or proud or alive. Continue reading “Start SMALL. Start NOW.”

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On Having Boundaries

It’s a quiet Wednesday morning. I’m sitting cosy at my favourite spot by the window, feet stretched out, watching the sunlight dance on my toes.

My phone buzzes. A text.

Hey, can I come over? I need to talk about certain things that are bothering me.

It’s my friend. Who regards me as her default shrink. Which is completely fine with me, because I love her.

But today I don’t want to listen to her problems. Continue reading “On Having Boundaries”