What I’ve Learned in Almost 8 Years Of Blogging

Wow, before I even realized… Almost 8 years since I started blogging! Here’s what I learned from 8 years of blogging.

So…In March 2012 I started this WordPress blog. However, this was not my first blog, that goes back another 8 years I created my first blog in 2008 using Blogspot. FYI this site is no longer available. Back to my WordPress blog…this blog feels like a major part of my life. I’m definitely finding it more addictive now because there is a network around the blog as well.

My  goal is to have a place where I can capture and express my thoughts and feelings: a place where I can direct particular people to read what I have to say, respond, and hopefully dialog. Its about meaning and sharing meaning with those who care… or, yes, who I want to care. I started with the idea of building a load of content fast and when I saw what people actually read and liked,I realized the content of the blog was what important.

Reflecting on my posts, I’ve added a few of my own tips if you want launching a new blog.

  1. Simple designs are the most effective. Case in point, my blog here. I know that my whole blog design is probably going to need to change and just the thought of that gets me a little scared already as I spent HOURS on the current one (yes all customized by myself not having the cash flow to by a premium template or skin or to outsource the job) but that’s okay.
  2. Rather than creating posts of value, create posts that are personally relevant to your audience. Be interesting but as mentioned, what’s interesting to one person, is mundane to the next. Write for your audience. As human beings we are constantly sorting, filing or deleting information.
  3. Story telling is powerful because when deployed correctly and using the right word choices, allows our readers to enter a world we’ve created and allows the reader to project the right references in their mind’s eye. The goal is to create a fully associated experience in the brain and nervous system of our readers. This will anchor our message in the memory of the reader.
  4. Emotion is a powerful tool. Provide emotional stimulus. Depending on the objective, there are a variety of human emotions we can stimulate. Emotion also helps to anchor messages.
  5. Random posts about random things will produce random results. Eliminate randomness. Stay on purpose. I don’t post more than a couple of times a month, partly because of time constraints, but also because I really research my topics so I am giving my readers what I consider “meat.”

Umm…weell…I still have a long way to go and a lot to learn.



  1. Dixiezetha says:

    8 years! That’s impressive. And thank you for the helpful tips :). Here’s to more years of blogging to come 🙂

    1. Ncis says:

      Cheeeeerrrsss! 😀

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