What I’ve Learned in Almost 8 Years Of Blogging

Wow, before I even realized… Almost 8 years since I started blogging! Here’s what I learned from 8 years of blogging.

So…In March 2012 I started this WordPress blog. However, this was not my first blog, that goes back another 8 years I created my first blog in 2008 using Blogspot. FYI this site is no longer available. Back to my WordPress blog…this blog feels like a major part of my life. I’m definitely finding it more addictive now because there is a network around the blog as well.

My  goal is to have a place where I can capture and express my thoughts and feelings: a place where I can direct particular people to read what I have to say, respond, and hopefully dialog. Its about meaning and sharing meaning with those who care… or, yes, who I want to care. I started with the idea of building a load of content fast and when I saw what people actually read and liked,I realized the content of the blog was what important.

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Stasiun Kopi, One of The Coffee Shops I Fell In Love


Hello coffee lovers!

Sudah ngopi belum hari ini? Kalau belum pas banget saya mau berbagi sedikit pengalaman mencoba tempat ngopi yang seru. Kedai kopi di Semarang memang banyak, banyak banget malah. Apalagi dengan perkembangan teknologi jaman sekarang dan gencarnya media sosial membuat banyak tempat ngopi baru bermunculan. Tentunya dengan konsep ala kekinian yang mengedepankan desain kafe yang asik dan menu yang fotogenic banget.

Tapi kedai kopi pilihan saya kali ini bukan yang seperti itu. kedai kopi pilihan saya ini terbilang sederhana. Stasiun Kopi namanya. Alamat tepatnya saya kurang paham, yang jelas di daerah Wot gandul yang menuju ke arah Semawis. Perhatikan saja sepanjang kiri jalan nah nanti kelihatan deh. Harus sedikit awas memang, karena kedai kopi ini relatif kecil.

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Welcome Back to L’Amour du Ciel!

I don’t really know how to start this post off other than saying THANK YOU SO SO MUCH! Thank you if you are reading this now; thank you if you follow my blog; thank you if you comment on my posts; thank you if you hit the like button after reading one of my posts; thank you if you follow me on Instagram; thank you if you take the time to send me an email; thank you if you tweet me. THANK YOU!

As some of you may have noticed, I haven’t been posting on here. I’ve been having a blogging break and I also wanted to say thank you for 3512 followers. I am entirely grateful and I am so pleased our family keeps growing.Continue reading “OVERWHELMED!”



Happy new year …. Yes I know I’m a bit late! But still I wanted to wish you a very happy new year. I hope all of you have a great year ahead, stay healthy and as happy as they can be.

Where have I been??

Every year I say I’m going to stay on top of blogging, and then I get caught up in the list of it all and blogging gets put on the back burner. So, I won’t say it this time, I will just TRY extra hard to keep up with blogging. Perhaps you will forgive me for neglecting my blog over the last several months… But for good reason.

Cheers to a happy 2016!!!