As We Grow Up …

I was sitting on a park bench and some children were running around me playing a game that I did not understand and did not care for, because watching them all I could think of was the carelessness in which they acted.
They just ran about jumping on things, climbing things and picking things they shouldn’t pick and they did not care for anything, they did not care if they got injured, they did not care that they could get infections, they were just having fun and I was ruining my evening being worried for them.

It took me back to when I was a child and did not care and I remembered how I envied adults and wanted to be an adult, wanted to be independent and have control over my life. You know what the adults never told us, it’s not fun. It’s not fun growing up ain’t fun. Being independent, in control of your life is just too much. Life gets real.
You have to plan, you have to care, you have to know what’s happening around.

You become a player (not plays) and some days you want to be a child, some days you want to not care for anything and then other days you love being an adult, you love caring, you love having ‘adults problems’. (Remember when you where a child and something was up and when you asked they told you it was an adult thing: Adults Problems).

Yeah when you grow up life gets real and gets a little difficult, but growing up also includes dealing with life it includes beating life.


  1. Missing your childhood ay?

    1. Ncis says:


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