Sometimes … It’s Nice to Unplug

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Dear God, I just don’t understand. You have given me 24 hours in a day. How is it that my life doesn’t seem to fit into this day. I know that You don’t make mistakes and You have given me 24 hours for a reason. Where am I going wrong?

Sometimes life can get so busy. Overcrowded and our round the clock schedules can prove to become so demanding and taxing on our lives. At times it may not even be that we are physically doing many things; it is more that our minds are so rammed with multiple things competing to be the centre of attention. My attention is drawn to the many thing that are going on around me and the things that I need to do. It can be very frustating thing!

At times, I have woken up and immediately begun to think about the million and one things that need to be done in that day and do you know what the instant feeling and reaction is? WORRY, DISTRACTION AND A SENSE OF URGENCY TO BEAT THE CLOCK. Thinking alone can sometimes make me tired and when I get to this stage I realise that it is really time to pull away from all of the to do lists and plug back into the things that boost my mood. I am not even a mother yet and the pace of my life at times is shocking. I wonder what I would do once I have a children! LOLContinue reading “Sometimes … It’s Nice to Unplug”