My Productivity Tactics

Happy Wednesday, folks!! I hope you’re having a fantastic week, and an even better weekend ahead! …Is there such a thing as a bad weekend??

I have a question for you. When’s the last time you started something? An event, an organization … bla bla bla? What “thing” have you been wanting to start or maybe have already started but lost motivation for, that you can make a reality in your life?

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The act of starting something isn’t too terrible; in fact, it’s exciting! The beginning stages of anything new brings a whole new world to dive into, and it can be fun learning about everything and sharing this exciting new venture with friends and family.

What can be a little more difficult and maybe even seemingly impossible for some people? The finishing of that thing. I’m a finisher. I commits to a lot of things — meetings, events, projects, clients, the list goes on and on. And despite the extent of what I’m saying “yes” to, I inevitably will make it my purpose to finish that thing, no matter what.

My secret to finding the motivation for seeing projects through to the end? Social accountability.

By sharing my ventures and projects with the world, I’m essentially creating a contract between myself and the world for completing this project (even if I’m the only one viewing it that way). And I know, it’s easy to share the initial “I’m doing this!” with the world, and then still back out a few weeks later.

The trick is to continue the sharing process and keep those friends and family updated on how it’s going.

No one’s going to force you to do this step; but if the project or course is something you really want to see through to the end, then I encourage you to make it a point to keep bringing up your progress in conversations and maybe even on social media. (Yes, social media is good for SOME productivity tactics!)

So next time you have a project, venture, business, class or whatever that you want to dedicate your energy towards, firstly, do your research. Make sure this shiny new thing is something you really want to pursue and that you’ll be able to make time for. Secondly, tell people. And keep telling people. Give updates along the way, behind-the-scenes info, anything that shares your progress with the world, and you will be well on your way to actually making that awesome new thing a reality.

Now it’s your turn.  Share below! XOXO


  1. Agree. Kalo aku ajukan pertanyaan pada diriku “what big things next?”. Mwehehe

    1. Ncis says:

      Yupiiii! aku juga sering gitu syh. Biar ada yang terus dan terus dikerjain. 😀

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