City Lights Overlooking and Star Gazing at Pondok Kopi Umbul Sido Mukti

Hello folks!

I guess time really does fly when you are having a blast … I’d like to take a minute to share some memories from my weekend getaway to Pondok Kopi Umbul Sido Mukti. It has been my dream to go to a place where I’ll be looking metro’s busy city in a different way — city lights overlooking for short — and to lie down in a grass land, gaze the open skies and wait for shooting stars.

The best nights are usually unplanned, random and spontaneous. Agreeee!!

So to take away stress from working in the busy city, I packed my stuffs to my bag, then I met up with Tim Manggis (Iting, Opank, David, Rizky, and Iin). We left our homes about 10.00 pm in the night, and then we went to coffeshop until 3.00 am. Anyway, at around 3:30 am, after being awake for several hours we reached the destination. Here we go people!

It was absolutely pitch dark, so we need to rely on torchlights. Our next worry was waiting till sunrise in the blazing cold without freezing to death. But somehow we managed and it was worth it. Fyuuuh

Check out the pretty city lights!


It was so beautiful outside! I wish we lived in the middle of no where (oh wait, we do….) where there are no city lights, only empty land, so that we could take amazing pictures of the Milky Way. Unfortunately, we don’t. BUT I still managed to get some wonderful pictures. Hahaha



The stars were brilliantly bright, and the Milky Way lit up the night sky. I had just been talking and laughing with my friends – listening to stories about the stupid things they had done in their life and sharing some of my own, but for a few minutes, we fell silent. The other people around me were quiet too. No one needed to say anything. We all simply gazed up at the sky in wonder, taking in the moment together.




I felt incredible.

Seeing the stars and the Milky Way helped me to appreciate how small we all are in comparison to the universe, but at the same time, being with my group-mates helped me to realise that our small lives can be filled with great meaning. They each had different experiences and perspectives to share, and I loved hearing about all the places that they had visited and the things they had already accomplished with their lives. They helped me to realize that there is so much that we can see and do in life.


The sunrise was so beautiful that there could not possibly be enough words in the dictionary to describe it. For some time, we stood at the peak just trying to fathom mother nature’s beauty. The gentle breeze blowing ever so slightly, the chirping of the birds as if to signal that the day has begun, the red and orange that colored the sky, the clouds gliding in the sky as if to give way to the sun, it was like a scene from a movie, perfect.




Seriously I can’t help but emphasize.

I love sunrises. So much! I like them even better then sunsets because during a sunrise, the world goes from dark and starry to being washed with colors. And the colors are so light and pastel. Sunrises make me think of watercolor. And they are so peaceful. Okay, I’m going to show you my favorite pictures.


What really made this trip the most incredible week of my life, though, was getting to experience these places with my group-mates, Tim Manggis.


My group-mates came from very different backgrounds, but one thing that they all had in common was their positive energy. It seemed like nothing could get them down on the trip – even when we had to get up at 5.30 am the morning after a night out in order to catch ‘CFD’, we all managed to have a good laugh. Bravo!


I feel so lucky to have been able to spend my weekend with such amazing people. At the beginning, I wasn’t expecting that they would have a significant impact on my life in any way, but they helped me appreciate how beautiful life can be if you approach it with the right attitude. And that isn’t a lesson that you can learn inside a classroom.

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