Keeping Myself Inspired and Happy On The Daily

It’s amazing how fast the days fly by, isn’t it? I’m pretty sure the older you get, the more time speeds up – every day is just a tiny bit shorter. Or maybe it’s all perspective. But it sure feels like we’re whipping past the days and weeks lately!

One of the most difficult parts of running your own show in your spare time (and the question I get asked more than any other) is how do you stay inspired and motivated to keep it going day after day?

Well, please know, first of all, that there are absolutely days when I don’t feel inspired. But there are things you can do to take full advantage of your creative spirit and keep the inspiration flowing for almost all of the time.Continue reading “Keeping Myself Inspired and Happy On The Daily”

My Productivity Tactics

Happy Wednesday, folks!! I hope you’re having a fantastic week, and an even better weekend ahead! …Is there such a thing as a bad weekend??

I have a question for you. When’s the last time you started something? An event, an organization … bla bla bla? What “thing” have you been wanting to start or maybe have already started but lost motivation for, that you can make a reality in your life?

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The act of starting something isn’t too terrible; in fact, it’s exciting! The beginning stages of anything new brings a whole new world to dive into, and it can be fun learning about everything and sharing this exciting new venture with friends and family.

What can be a little more difficult and maybe even seemingly impossible for some people? The finishing of that thing. I’m a finisher. I commits to a lot of things — meetings, events, projects, clients, the list goes on and on. And despite the extent of what I’m saying “yes” to, I inevitably will make it my purpose to finish that thing, no matter what.Continue reading “My Productivity Tactics”

I’m OK and I’m On My Way

Screenshot_2015-08-07-18-59-48-01When I lay down and my head hits my pillow it is accompanied by exhaustion by the days efforts. But I would much rather experience exhaustion than failure. Everything worth having in live requires hard work and sacrifice. How many of us feel physically drained because of things we are ‘meant’ to be doing in life? Sitting exams, getting a degree, being a good human, being a good daughter/son, remembering birthdays, a supportive friend, get highly qualified jobs, get enough money to think about even having a family of your own…then we have all the external bullshit we have to deal with – finding a good partner, dealing with unnecessary problems created by people who probably are not going to stick around for long. Sometimes I feel to throw the towel in, sit on my ass and just wave the white flag to the world. I surrender.

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My Sunnies, My Story


Duh aduh pulang kerja melihat berita di TV kok jadi malah gag terhibur ya. Prihatin banget lihat kondisi masyarakat Riau dan sekitarnya yang sedang berjuang dengan bencana asap. Tak terbayangkan bagi saya harus menghirup udara kotor itu. Semoga semuanya segera membaik, kasihan kan lama-lama bisa berdampak buruk bagi kesehatan.

Saya jadi berkaca pada diri sendiri, yang terkadang tiap hari mengeluh karena harus melewati jalan yang sedang diperbaiki. Iya syh perbaikannya memang sementara. Cuma debu dan macetnya itu lho yang bikin gag tahan. Maklum saya ini pengendara roda dua, jadi ya harus bergumul dengan debu setiap hari. Peralatan perangnya ya helm, masker, dan tak lupa kacamata berhubung saya ini kalau berkendara di siang hari matanya suka silau gitu kalau gag pakai kacamata. Kalau pakai kacamata kan penglihatan jadi lebih nyaman juga.

Ngomong-ngomong soal kacamata saya malah jadi kepikiran kacamata saya yang baru aja patah framenya. Sebel banget deh. Emang syh harganya gag selangit ala barang branded, tapi kan teteup aja donk ya kenyamanan saya berkendara jadi terganggu. Kan capek juga matanya kalau harus dipicing-picingin. EEeerrrrRRRR

Alhasil mau tak mau terpaksa deh merogoh kocek lagi buat beli pengganti. Cari sana cari sini, browsing sana browsing sini …eh nemu donk akhirnya! Berasa jodoh banget deh pas nemu koleksi Sunnies Studio di Zalora. Udah tahu Sunnies Studio belum? Hehe…saya dulu juga gag tahu, tapi jadi tahu karena ngikutin Asia’s Next Top Model. Kok bisa? Ya bisa donk, kan saya kepoin IG hostnya si @ilovegeorgina.Continue reading “My Sunnies, My Story”

My Idea of “Enough”

Happy Satuday, babes!!!

I hope you’re having a fantastic week, and an even better weekend ahead!

I have a question for you. Is there a perfect age to own a business?

I think about this question a lot, mostly because it’s unavoidable to think about it. For the most part, we go through life thinking that success is achieved when your ideal lifestyle is met. What I never questioned, however, is how much money do we really need to bring us success and happiness?

Pic from here
Pic from here

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City Lights Overlooking and Star Gazing at Pondok Kopi Umbul Sido Mukti

Hello folks!

I guess time really does fly when you are having a blast … I’d like to take a minute to share some memories from my weekend getaway to Pondok Kopi Umbul Sido Mukti. It has been my dream to go to a place where I’ll be looking metro’s busy city in a different way — city lights overlooking for short — and to lie down in a grass land, gaze the open skies and wait for shooting stars.

The best nights are usually unplanned, random and spontaneous. Agreeee!!

So to take away stress from working in the busy city, I packed my stuffs to my bag, then I met up with Tim Manggis (Iting, Opank, David, Rizky, and Iin). We left our homes about 10.00 pm in the night, and then we went to coffeshop until 3.00 am. Anyway, at around 3:30 am, after being awake for several hours we reached the destination. Here we go people!

It was absolutely pitch dark, so we need to rely on torchlights. Our next worry was waiting till sunrise in the blazing cold without freezing to death. But somehow we managed and it was worth it. Fyuuuh

Check out the pretty city lights!

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How I Deal with Negative Comments


So today, let me share my thoughts how to respond to the negativity because I got negative comment on my blog. ^^

Social media…hmm yeaah it can bring out the best in people and the worst in people. No matter what business you are in, you are going to face times where peoples will leave a negative comment on your social media platforms. If there is one thing I want you to know, it is that you are not alone. This happens to everyone who puts themselves out there on social media. Truth be told, you don’t have to react to negative comments as though a crisis is taking place. Instead, you can choose to see negative comments as something you can build upon.

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