A Bad Moment Does Not Make A Bad Day

The other day, while in conversation with a few friends at work, one of them mentioned why he doesn’t believe in bad days.


“You can have bad moments, but that doesn’t mean you’re having a bad day.”

This kind of stuck with me. So much so, that I came home that night and hand painted the phrase “a bad momet does not make a bad day” as a reminder to myself. Now..well I’m writing an entire blog post about it.

We are naturally more likely to hold onto the bad moments than the good ones. And, when the bad moments happens toward the end of the work day, you’re even more likely to bring these negative feelings home with you and suddenly, you’ve had a bad day. In reality, the day may have been just fine, great even – but the bad things that brought you down is the most recent and vivid memory you have of your day, so you’re going to hold onto it a little longer.

Now, I will be the first to tell you that there is nothing wrong with being upset about something that did or didn’t happen, and it’s perfectly healthy and normal to want to share this with those close to you. It helps get it off your chest and allows others to sympathize with your pain so you don’t feel so alone with these negative feelings.

However, once you’ve accepted “thing” that happened and you’ve had a chance to process and get it out there, only you can make the decision to move on with your day and pick back right where you left off before the bad thing happened.

Trust me, I know this isn’t as easy as it sounds. Sometimes, you like to dwell on the bad things for hours because you feel angry or guilty or sad or embarrassed – but whatever the bad thing is, try to recognize that giving more time and energy to those negative feelings is only helping to prolong it. This is when a bad moment really does start to turn into a bad day.

Instead of dwelling, tell yourself “I recognize how I’m feeling right now, and I have every night to feel that way. But I’m not going to let this thing take over my day.” Then, move your focus to something that will take your mind off of the bad thing; maybe that’s a catch-up conversation with a friend, watching a new movie you can immerse yourself in or doing some creative work. (That last one is my go-to everytime).

Don’t get me wrong; I have by no means perfected the art of recovering from a bad moment, but this is something I’m consciously trying to do going forward.

Next time something frustrates or upsets you, take a breath and do your best to set those feelings aside so you can continue have a good day. Your attitude is contagious to those around you, and if you do your best to focus on the good and set aside the bad, your friends, family and coworkers will start will start to do the same. XOXO

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