Why Im Trying Not To Be Perfect

imagesAs I was walking from Indomaret to my house carrying a loads of heavy bags, I started thinking about the process that we as humans go through. The pressure upon people in the younger generations are great when it comes to being perfect. It’s like we all have to have the perfect skin, hair and are expected to be happy all the time, because we are “young”. We are also always expected to get high grades as we are all classed as bright and clever.

The reason I did this blog post was generally because I was flicking through Google, looking at inspirational quotes and I saw one by Salvador Dali, he said, ‘Have no fear of perfection, you’ll never reach it’. A lot of people these days think that perfection is achievable especially if we work at something. Well yes it is to a certain extent but it’s only really near perfect when it’s extremely good. Everyone is unique, creative and quirky in their own different ways, you can’t know what a perfect human being is until you’ve met everyone on the planet.

Just because you aren’t perfect doesn’t mean you aren’t already amazing, so don’t try to be the perfect version of you, just be the amazing person that you already are.

If at the end of you reading this post, you still believe perfection exists in a person, just know that everyone can be perfect in their own ways.


2 thoughts on “Why Im Trying Not To Be Perfect

  1. Bener banget. Goal ku adalah bs jd mahluk Tuhan yg baik. Perfection isn’t part of our nature as human, anyway 🙂 Amazing, is 😉

  2. PERFECT is a very subjective thing. It would be better if you set your own objective of what you think of perfect is, without the constraint of society (which is the furthest away from perfection anyway I personally think) and ‘Adat’. The perfectness that the society put on each person is not counting on its (society’s) broken believes. Kalau mau anak sempurna harus keluarga, teman2, sekolah keadaan masyarakat, cuaca, makanan yang tersedia, hukum, pemerintah dst harus pun sempurna. Ya gak?

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