Congratulations, You Are Officially Human!


I absolutely love social medi but I absolutely despise the feeling it gives me every once in a while. I don’t know about you but every once in a while, I find myself scrolling down my timelines and feeing bouts of insecurity brush accross my heart.

It’s like these miniature waves of “envy” come over me as my heart begins to covet what others have in comparison to what I perceive to lack. “Wow, they are on another vacation in Europe … must be nice.” … “Oh , they are on another shopping spree … must be real nice.”

Ever been there and done that? Ever felt completely ridiculous for doing it? If so, you are not alone and CONGRATULATIONS…YOU ARE OFFICIALLY HUMAN! Though the enemy would love for you to feel as though you’re the only one who experiences these feelings, the truth is that you’re not alone.

Social media has given us an all-access pass into the lives of others and has made comparisons, envy and jealousy more difficult to resist than ever. We see someone post a major accolade so we post a pic of our new car or award to keep up. Somone’s husband or boyfriend posts pictures from an elaborate dinner party or engagement so we write a paragraph to the world about how our sweetie is the most handsome, wonderful, gifted, talented man in the world! We tag our location at prestigious events to inform others that we’ve reached VIP status. We take photos with celebrities and noteworthy individuals to put others on notice that we’ve “made it.” We do … we do … we do …

We do all of these crazy things to keep others in the loop only to fall out of the most important loop … our bond with God. While we’re working hard to make sure that others are aware of our rising status, we begin to neglect the status of our heart. Is that really the life that God wants for us? Does He desire for us to be so attached to the things of the world that we fail to find time to be affirmed by Him?

How and when did our happiness become dependent on someone’s achievements, and why did we allow it to take root over the joy in our hearts? Friends, I am as human as you. If I knew the answers to all of these questions, I wouldn’t struggle with the same things in my own life and I certainly wouldn’t be writing this post.

How silly of us to compare months, weeks and years of our prayers and dreams to an electronic 2×2 photo of someone’s life. How naïve of us to be conned into thinking that someone’s highlight reel is the end of our first take at succes and achievement.

The next time you feel a surge of jealousy, envy, bitterness or comparison begin to rise, stop it dead in its tracks by taking a moment to thank God for what you have. My prayer is for us not to be discouraged when we see God’s hand of favor at work in the lives of others. For us to run far away from the temptation to compare the moments of our lives to other’s achievments. For us to wake up each morning knowing that we are special, unique and one of a kind. Hehehe ^^

Be encouraged to encourage yourself today!




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