Stop Interrupting Me!


I have issues with people who interrupt during conversations.

Like seriously, shut up! Here I am, trying to relay my point and I can’t get more than two words in without you cutting in. If I respect you when you are talking, then I would presume that you should do the same to me.

God, that’s why I really don’t like talking to people. I know not everyone is like that, interrupting and all, but there are people out there who just don’t know when to let others talk. Sometimes, I get the sense that people aren’t talking to each other- they are talking at each other. Which there is a difference. Basically, it comes down to whether you are listening to the person or not.

Really, I don’t think people know how to listen anymore. Everything’s all about them, and so they think that their opinion matters more than others. Which *apparently* means that they have to intervene at every single opportunity just to say something. Just to hear themselves talk. Doesn’t matter what, but in any case it’s really inconsiderate, not to forget rude as hell.

I admit, sometimes it’s permissible to interrupt (e.g., when someone gets really excited about what the other person had said and wants to extend the conversation further). But constantly interrupting is super impolite. Especially if you aren’t adding anything new to the dialogue. Seriously, we’re over here, talking about how awesome the film was, and then you decide to butt in and complain about your lousy day at work. Which is really irrelevant, as I don’t see how it even remotely relates to the film that we’ve just seen.

Or when I’m having a conversation on Facebook or WhatsApp. I had just finished gushing about my first date with my crush (not true, but just for example purposes!), and then the person on the other line doesn’t add to the chat by asking or commenting on the topic! In other words, he/she would just start talking to me about his/her week at office, as if what I had just said wasn’t even mentioned! Maybe it’s because he/she doesn’t have anything to add to my topic, but it does seem abrupt, not to forget discourteous not to acknowledge my thoughts.

Look, I try to be a good listener. I try to hear the other person out, then find a way to respond to him/her. On a related note, for God’s sake. But when it doesn’t get reciprocated the opposite way (meaning, I’m talking and the other person is listening), I am irritated. Angry, even.

Because this is not the way that relationships are established. Interrupting people with either narcissistic or irrelevant shit just makes one ignorant, not to forget extremely stupid.

Seriously, take notes. ‘Cause you need to listen up.


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