Congratulations, You Are Officially Human!


I absolutely love social medi but I absolutely despise the feeling it gives me every once in a while. I don’t know about you but every once in a while, I find myself scrolling down my timelines and feeing bouts of insecurity brush accross my heart.

It’s like these miniature waves of “envy” come over me as my heart begins to covet what others have in comparison to what I perceive to lack. “Wow, they are on another vacation in Europe … must be nice.” … “Oh , they are on another shopping spree … must be real nice.”

Ever been there and done that? Ever felt completely ridiculous for doing it? If so, you are not alone and CONGRATULATIONS…YOU ARE OFFICIALLY HUMAN! Though the enemy would love for you to feel as though you’re the only one who experiences these feelings, the truth is that you’re not alone. Continue reading

Book Review: Paper Towns by John Green


Reading is my way of going out of the reality of my world. I mean, through reading I am entering another world that’s created by the author, who seems to be perfect and in that kind of world I’ve been able to meet different characters who has their personal issues with themselves and their own world as well. Fictional worlds are better than non-fictional right now. Okay, here in Paper Towns created by John Green.

I allowed myself entering this world without any idea what really is inside of. Who am I gonna meet, and how to deal with them. My mind keep on asking is it the same as Looking for Alaska? if not, what’s the difference?

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What Anime Taught Me About Memorable Characters

Photo%252020150608082915186I really enjoy watching animated series that come from Japan. These animated series have a type of storytelling that I absolutely love and I wanted to be able to share a bit of that love with you today. Beside the fact that I love anime for the unique storytelling style and the awesome fight sequences, I love anime for the memorable characters. A lot of these characters have made me laugh and have even made me cry (I ain’t afraid to admit it). I’ve noticed over the course of watching all these series that there are certain things within the Japanese style of storytelling that makes this characters memorable. Now, not all of these are directly applicable to write. However, I think the basic concepts could be useful when creating your own memorable characters. So let’s get started! Continue reading

Stop Interrupting Me!


I have issues with people who interrupt during conversations.

Like seriously, shut up! Here I am, trying to relay my point and I can’t get more than two words in without you cutting in. If I respect you when you are talking, then I would presume that you should do the same to me.

God, that’s why I really don’t like talking to people. I know not everyone is like that, interrupting and all, but there are people out there who just don’t know when to let others talk. Sometimes, I get the sense that people aren’t talking to each other- they are talking at each other. Which there is a difference. Basically, it comes down to whether you are listening to the person or not.

Really, I don’t think people know how to listen anymore. Everything’s all about them, and so they think that their opinion matters more than others. Which *apparently* means that they have to intervene at every single opportunity just to say something. Just to hear themselves talk. Doesn’t matter what, but in any case it’s really inconsiderate, not to forget rude as hell. Continue reading

A Letter to My Future Husband

Dear future husband …

Don’t worry, I’m not going Meghan Trainor on you. Hahaha…In fact I am a very simple girl. But there are some things you need to know about me. So I have to admit that I’ve been feeling a bit anxious about marriage. I recently visited my old friends where I received a multitude of questions about marriage ‘’Why I wasn’t married yet?’’. Funny how the pressure and worry of the world can disrupt your peace, right?


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La fatigue…

Salut, tout le monde.

Ce poste sera très vite. Simplement, je me sens mal. J’ai mal à la tête et je suppose que je regardais le portable trop long. Je dois se reposer. Désolée que ce poste n’est pas intéressant. Je promis que j’aurai un mieux poste demain. Merci pour votre compassion, et à bientôt!