About Sunset and Sunrise

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Hope everyone had a great weekend, if not then I am sorry to hear that. Hehehe..

A quick update for my blog! First of all, I would like to apologize for this blog post being terribly late. So, here we go.

Munduk-Bali, September 2012
Munduk-Bali, September 2012

If there’s one thing you should know about me is that I have an obsession with sunsets and sunrises. I’m so intrigued by sunsets, and I never could put my finger on why they intrigue me. They just do. Perhaps it’s the radiance, or the different colors. All I know is that whenever I see the sunset or sunrise, I must take picture of it. I do my best to not use any filters for when it comes to editing my pics, considering each sunset/sunrise is beautiful in it’s very own way. Just like us.

I always saw the sunset/sunrise as a reminder that I’ve made it through the day, and that everything is going to be alright. It gives me hope that I will live to see many more sunsets/sunrises throughhout my life. Back when I was younger, I would sit and watch the sun go down slowly, and as the sun would descend, the shape and color would change. It could be bright and beautiful for one minute, and the next glowing and sparkling.

I always use to think that there was more beyond the horizon, and that it was utterly beautiful. Sunsets brought me some sense of peace, it calmed me down, it taught me to slow down in life. I cannot express on how important it is to take time to stop what you’re doing, and look around you.

There’s soooo much we miss in life due to our busy/chaotic schedules, we never seem to have the time to stop and look at the beauty of what is ahead. You may not be where you want to be in life right now, but I can assure you everything is temporary. Like they say ‘nothing last forever’.

Believe me, with each sunset/sunrise that I’ve taken the time to stop and watch….I’ve learned something. Whether it’d be to take it easy in life, slow down, or simply to remember where it is you’ve come from. Just taking that little time to stop and admire the beauty set before us, can be incredible.

Hope everyone has an amazing day, night, afternoon, morning, or where ever you may be at.

Just have a nice day!

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