5 Reasons Why I Love Spending Time Alone

Sunday, my laptop, my thoughts, and a smoothie= parfait!

Blogging from bed is the best choice. Seriously, this is the best way to end a productive day. Spending time with friends and family is always good, but spending time with yourself is sometimes even better. Just you, your thoughts and whatever you want to do, with no obligations, no other opinions or plans and no pressure from anyone. It is not only relaxing, it is also provent that alone-time is good for you.


So it is okay to say to your friends that you don’t feel like going out or watching a movie together. Voilà! I give you 5 reasons why I love spending time with myself and maybe you should spend more time with yourself.

  1. Get to know yourself

If you are always around other people it can be difficult to discover who you really are. When you hear the opinions and plans of other people all day, it can be hard to figure out for yourself what you want and stand for. So, when you have alone time, you only have to focus on what you want and like. This way  you will learn to listen to yourself and discover what you really want.

  1. You learn to love yourself

Next to the fact that you will get to know yourself better, self appreciation and loving yourself also a part in spending some time alone. You will learn how to have fun with yourself and by loving yourself you will also be able to love others.

  1. You can do whatever you want

Watching Spongebob or National Geographic all day, singing in front of the mirror or eating in bed while you are reading a good book, it is whatever you want to do. No one can tell you to clean, cook or finish your to do list because you are the only one in charge. How great is that feeling!

  1. You learn to rely on yourself

Especially when decisions need to be made when you are alone, this is the time to listen to your voice and rely on yourself. Being self dependent is really important for career girls. Sometimes it is nice to hear the opinion of others, but being able to listen to yourself and making a decision based on you and what you think/feel is also a part of your growing process.

  1. You save money

Very practical but oh so true! When you are out with family or friends, it is always very likely that you will spend money. When you have time with yourself, the simple things can already be very entertaining, reading a book or just staring out the window and thinking about your life is sometimes all you need for some quality time with yourself.

What do you think of spending time alone?


  1. bawangijo says:

    Nomor 5 itu bener banget, aku sering nolak ajakan keluar rumah sama temen-temen atau keluarga dan lebih suka menyendiri di rumah di akhir pekan, itu sebenarnya karena pengen hemat juga sih hahaha..

  2. Ncis says:

    Haha…iya ini alasan yang sok asik banget syh sebenernya.

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