Bye Bye Toxic People!

Pic from here
Pic from here

Most of us will agree that serving others is the main purpose that we come to this world. Here are some few words that were being stucked in my mind. Remember, these are just for reading. I encourage you to believe only words that you have experienced before.

The World is like a school.

Waiting for us to explore, learn, realize, improve and sharing what we’d learnt.
We hated, so we have to learn through hatred and revenge. If we did not learn how to forgive, we have to go through all over again by hating this and that.

Somehow we should learn to understand; without all these we would not have improved.

All these learning experiences are through own family, relationships, government, workplace, money, community, gatherings, obstacles, accidents, disasters, philanthropic acts, reading, sports, dramas, career, news and many more.

But if we want to improve, we must be willing to CHANGE.

There are toxic people in my life that I have to let go. Never surround myself with people who make me feel inferior. Drop the ones who put me down; I don’t need them. I used to limit my time with certain peoples who were so hyper negative, all involved in all the ‘issues’ and the ‘fight’ that they couldn’t see any joy in anything.

2014 must be filled with light, warmth, love, and good health; surround myself with positive energy.

Anyway, wish you a happy learning experience.


Much love,

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