A Letter To My Imaginary Child

Very deep and touching 😉

The Laughing Phoenix

I don’t have a child. Not that I don’t want one, but I guess the stork hasn’t gotten the instruction yet. Or it got lost in Riau smoke. God knows.

Nevertheless, at my I age I start to feel parental instinct. That I wished I had a child to talk to. Or to write to. To share what I learned so far living. And hence I am writing this letter. This is a letter to my imaginary child. But perhaps, it could speak to other people’s real child too 🙂

A Letter To My (Imaginary) Child

Dear Son/Daughter,

Let me start with an apology

I am sorry you were not brought into a perfect world

Instead, you were born into a place full of suffering, of natural disasters, but worst of all, you will be living among humans full with faults, same as you.

But let me assure you, that…

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