How to Make Your Dreams Come True in Such Kind of Environment?

Halo all, I finally have enough time to write again!

Sorry about the lack of updates recently.
I have been really busy with preparation for Semarang Open 2014 competition and finishing my thesis. But I just thought I’d stop by for a minute to say this blog just turned two years old this March.
How I really appreciate all of you following this blog and keeping me active and all that fun stuff. It’s been a pretty interesting year, to say the least. Thank you all so much for the support and everything. ♥

It’s been a hectic month for me.


There are so many things to be done. There are so many goals to achieve. Whatever be the situation, problem or circumstances, one always have two choices at least, there are ‘do’ and ‘do not’. ‘Try and ‘do not try’ also come in the same category. I can remember one more proverbs in this regard – “Self-help is the best help”.

I’m a 23-year-old woman who always had big dreams and aspirations. I always wanted to do something substantial with my life. I believed (I still do) that death is inevitable, so I wanted my life to have a meaning. I never liked the idea of my tombstone being the only thing/mark that I’m going to leave in this world when I die, but I wanted to do something that would make my name live on even after I die.

Maybe I was and have always been too philosophical but the dreams and aspirations were always big and mighty.
I wrote down the question “Are you living the dream or chasing it?” in my notebook and reflected on that for an hour while dozing off to sleep.

I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting older, wiser (ha!), or what it is exactly, but I love my life. This is interesting, because growing up my only goal in life was to own lots of sweet shit and have lots of money. LOL

I finally started getting down to what I really wanted in life; I began to see the light. It was a slow, but beautiful, process.

Accordingly, everyone should keep faith on his/her own capability and try until he/she become success. Note that nobody can bring a success for anybody and if it is possible anyhow, he/she will not be able to hold such success for a long time. So one should not leave any effort for other’s discouragement. Where there is a will, there is a way – nothing is impossible in our life if we try to get it really

“I used to observe the ant-lines and many times get mesmerized by their perseverance and collective efforts. They drag a prey many times bigger than themselves and go on trying till they succeed. They never leave up”.

So one must try and keep trying.

Même dans les moments difficiles, on peut retrouver de belles raisons de vivre. Que j’aime passionément la vie ! Pas vous ?

My experiences in the past are not completely negligible. Some positive experiences are the best example for our foundation to lead my life successful. Whether my dream is starting a new business or taking photography or pursuing a graduate degree from my university … I don’t always keep my eye on the destination. Enjoy the journey, right here, right now, and appreciate what a gift it is to be able to follow my dreams.

The career of my life is not stick to the adamant rule. It is a flexible route in positive thinking by observing the changing systems. Life is line of observation with positive zeal. It is not a bed of roses for blind sleep.

So people, how to make your dreams come true in such kind of environment? Lemme know 😀

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