SAMBA 2014

What’s up with me lately?!

Last Saturday I have some spare time. So I decided to attend SAMBA “Sambut Brazil” 2014 at the mall in my city. This event was held by FIFASTRA from 22 February until 24 February 2014 to celebrate World Cup 2014 in Brazil this year.
There are dance competition, kids fashion show, games, music and dance performance, and special guest star. The guest star is Bambang Pamungkas, he is a famous football player in Indonesia. He will give a coaching clinic. Well, I’m not a soccer fan, not interested too much to the guest star or the soccer things.

So I decided to participate in the game in the second day. I choose ‘Holding the Giant Ball’ game. In Bahasa that’s mean Game Pegang Bola. The prize money is one million rupiah (it’s about $100). That’s worth!

Let me tell you, the rules for the games are quite difficult. All the participants had to hold the giant ball with their hands plus pinning the soccer ball between their legs. The craziest part is we must stand for 9 hours!

I felt so doubt for the first time, but I encouraged myself that I can do it! FYI, there is not much woman participant in this game. I thought that game is a mixture of patience, stamina, and a bit of luck.
In the first 3 hours, we used the right hand to hold the giant ball. The next 3 hours we used the left hand and the last 3 hours we used back the right hand.

Fortunately, I don’t have a problem with my legs. Standing for hours was made me tired but that’s not a big problem. Maybe, because I usually practice inline skate so basically my legs were getting stronger and stronger. Also I had experience in mountain climbing. Oh … and I had a bad experience during my trip from Semarang to Yogyakarta by bus, I had to stand for more than 4 hours in the worst traffic ever!

Seems like my experiences made me more confident to pass the challenge. LOL!

So … what happened after 9 hours?

Am I failing?

Am I won?

Believe it or not, I WON!


One more time, I WOOOOOOOOOOOONNN!!!


Do you believe it? The ‘little girl’ like me just won the game.
It was incredible to have fellow competitors telling me that I’m great. That it was an honor to lose to me, and so on. I won’t let my head get too big. Hahaha

Thank you again to everyone for supporting me!


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