What I Think About Fashion Blogger Phenomenon Nowadays

Hi! Sorry for being away.

Let’s talk about fashion!

I think fashion is a part of everyday life. I also think fashion is what you make of it. The outfit you have on today reflects some sort of style whether it is your own personal style or a style that has set a popular trend. All in all, it is fashion. From your shoes to your hair, you cannot escape fashion. I personally love it. Our own sense of style or fashion tells a story about us. How fun!

When I went into senior high school eight years ago, my life did a 360 turn and I was completely and utterly stunned by why. As my years go on, I am trying to keep up with all the new fashion styles, etc. Apparently, it’s not working too well. For most families, money doesn’t grow on trees, so I basically “allowed” myself to “lower” my standards, so to say, and now I shop like anyone else, but rather than buying the most expensive things, I head for the clearance rack first. It’s ridiculous to spend that much money on something.

For years now, name brands have become more and more popular – as well as expensive. Today, I see several students in the street, café, or mall with extremely high-priced clothing, jewelry, etc. I’ll be honest, it disgusts me. Our parents have hard working jobs and most of the things you get are coming from your parent’s salary. Is that fair? When you become their age, would you like it if your children spent your money? Because that’s how it is.

Words every lifestyle and fashion blogger should live by.
Words every lifestyle and fashion blogger should live by.

Why do we need all these expensive things? We choose to buy a clothes or shoes because the name brand stamped on the bottom/back of them?

People nowadays have to cope with this type of peer pressure to look good.

With the increased popularity of fashion blogs, Pinterest, and Lookbook, fashionistas everywhere can embrace their style by creating and publishing their personal fashion taste. I guess what I like most about fashion blogs is when they give me a new point of view.

I like to watch the good quality fashion blogs and maybe learn something…but NOT ALL of the fashion blogs deal with class style and let’s say ummm…fashion.

Is fashion blogging becoming overkill?

The most annoying thing is that all fashion bloggers pretend to be like “I have a passion for fashion and I want to share it and give inspiration”. That is bullshit, course all of them just looking for fame! Though there are some bloggers who actually do dress like “normal people” and reach out to others like us. The part that just makes me want to vomit is that the majority of the followers on the fashion blogs become completely distracted by the consumerism on these sites like DG, Gucci, YSL, Hermes etc.

I think bloggers fall under 2 categories: some of them are actually stylish, others just enjoy shopping.

This blogging world is getting crazier every day. Seems like everybody is now a “fashion blogger”. The weirdest thing is that all the famous bloggers have started to copy each other’s style, which is hilarious. And they all need to own the exact same things. I still love reading them, but there are some things that really annoy me and the personality of these blogs is vanishing every day.

I’ve seen the miserable excuses that pass for clothes these days. Listen, I’m all for wearable art, really. But these days whenever I see a fashion blog, I stop and put my head in my hands. Fashion is wearable art. It stops being fashion when it’s not wearable.
You are right about everyone has a different taste in fashion. But you cannot judge someone else fashion or style. And I think some of the fashion today is cute and the other half snot. I’m not much for fashion. In fact, I practically invented wearable.

However, there is something extremely artistic about seeing something that is not every day. Something that is inventive and imaginative and a little preposterous … you know … dreamy. In this way, higher class fashion serves as an escape much like music and movies.

I’m curious to see what everybody thinks. Hmmm

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