I Think I am Starting To Love To Cook

What do you think of women who can’t cook?gongso ayam 

In my opinion, there are two terms of women:

1. Can’t cook, but willing to try or learn.

2. Can’t cook, doesn’t care. Not willing to try.

The first I can forgive. Many people don’t know to cook anything other than instant noodle, pasta, and boiled water. So it’s not uncommon. As long as they are willing to learn and help out, I don’t mind. It can be a good way from what I’ve experienced.

The second where I get annoyed. I’m not the type of person who thinks it’s a woman’s job to cook. I think EVERYONE should learn. It’s a basic life skill.

I am the first categories. How about you?

Although I am tomboy girl, I think I should learn to cook. People think I’m terrible at cooking, so when I offered to help in the kitchen, my family said “Just cut vegetables.” Fine, I made this to prove my worth. -____-

Since my boyfriend has turned me to cook, I started to learn to cook. I feel so happy if after eating the meal, he had said “Darling that was a truly fantastic meal. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for putting so much love and care in preparing this culinary wonder just for me.”

I love the appreciation. 😀       

Hmm … I’m going to spread a good news to you. *drumroll

Believe it or not, cooking now fills me with pleasure!

I spent a lot of my time looking at recipe books, browsing online recipes, planning, shopping for food etc. I like the idea of the slow movement, of selecting lovely fresh ingredients, taking them home, and preparing something delicious. Though I’m not a very good at cooking but love the idea of sharing recipes with friends and family.

Thanks to the internet! I’ve found the internet is packed with easy recipes, so it makes me easier creating a great meal.

I’m especially interested in healthy cooking more than ever and enjoy swapping recipes with others of a like mind. Yes, I like the values that home cooking brings, especially now it seems cooking is somewhat of a dying art. We now seem to have two generations of non cooking households.

Cooking is something I really should do more of. I want to be a super mom to my future family. In addition, feeding my family gives me the extra pride. It’s all about the pleasure of seeing your family enjoy your food!

Oh … and I like looking in the fridge, seeing what I’ve got, reading a recipe, making a match and producing something delicious. This is what I love to do recently.

My dream is to be more adventurous in the kitchen. I love cooking for its feel-good pleasure that still allows your time alone in the kitchen.  I wanted to explore and create and taste.

I haven’t stopped yet.



  1. kitchennss says:

    I can relate myself to the first opinion, but at least, we try 🙂

    1. Ncis says:

      Keep trying and never underestimate ourself. 🙂

      1. kitchennss says:

        Thanks for the support. I will 🙂

      2. Ncis says:

        You are welcome. 😀

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