When You Are Happy, It Must Be Shared

Halo everyone! First of all, I have to apologize for the lack of updates lately. I’ve been really busy lately ’cause I have lots of work in preparing for Dancing Queen 6. No, I’m not into dancing competition, but as the guest star with my team aka Inline Skate Semarang.

I don’t have an interesting story to share so I just want to share my thoughts. I think this is the best choice when I have no idea to blog. My mind is on a never ending 24-hour run…Lol!

Please, I just want to make this blog staying alive. 😀

When you are happy, do you share your happiness? Me, of course yes.


I think when you are happy it must be shared, then you get into real life. Happy moments in life won’t come in series or one after another. For that we have to make sacrifices and even lots of planning. But once happiness comes to our life, it must be shared with family and friends so that the moment of happiness can be further experienced with enhanced popularity and accolades of others.

Please remember that after happiness, sad period also starts. So we must have the nostalgia of happiness in abundance so that sad period can be overcome with ease.

Life is a rotation of a cycle of both hippies and sorrows. The nature of sacrifice will be a source of happiness. Here are two people’s receiver and offerer. Who will receive the result of sacrifice is definitely feel happy. Then what about the offerer, he may not be happy always. When they both feel happy, the entire family will be happy.

Even the happy moments may not be shared, they will shared automatically through our gestures and enliven with the entire family. But one thing is sure, when our sorrows shared, they will be reduced by half.

Life is combination of happiness and sorrow. Happy should be shared with others and others should also share at the time of sorrow but practically this is not happening. Perhaps you will agree with me.

The more I share a happiness, the more I feel happy.

If we do not share our happy situations, then there will be no one to share our sad moments?

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