What Is The Connection Between Water And Human?

It’s me again.

Bonjour à tous! Comment ça va?

So, I’m super inspired to blog again!! This kind of feeling normally won’t last long. The weather recently is so bad. Almost every day is rain and the wind is so cold enough to make me sick. Even in the several cities in Indonesia was attacked by flood. Pray for the victims.

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

If you have read my previous post, I was talking about what I like the most during rainy season. Today, I’m going to talk about the water. I hope you guys not getting bored. I have so many things to write nowadays. ^^

I feel very happy whenever I get a chance to play in the water. Ever it is a small river/lake/fountain etc. After playing with water, I feel all my worries are vanished and I feel very light. I am not showing interest to talk with anyone. I don’t know why. May be I am in a fear I may lose all my lightness.

This happened last time also. Now also I find the same thing but still I didn’t understand what the connection between water and human is but all I know what is: it (playing in water) makes me happy. Happiness is the clean state of mind.
OK, water is an important matter for all living things. We cannot live without water. We use water to drink, to bath and our daily activities.

I remember when I was traveling to Bali, I visited a waterfall. The Balinese believe that the waterfall and the river is the road to the God Baruna’s house. So, the environment surrounded the waterfall and the river is must be protected.

It is a good connection. As you know, there are five natural powers with which we are always in touch. Firstly the land – We remain on the land with a touch. Secondly – We remain in space above the land with a touch. Thirdly – We are with the fire the heat under the sun or any light with a touch. Fourthly – We are with the air to breath with a touch.
Finally – We are with the water with a touch. We drink, bath, wash, play and use it in various ways. In fact, we remain well connected with all the five super natural powers in our life.

One of my bio teachers during school associated freshness after washing your face or being splashed with water to the cells getting re-hydrated. As you might know, during the day a lot of water is lost from the body in the form of sweat and vapor. That’s why these need to be replenished. Drinking water does this, but it takes time to get to your skin. Splashing the skin directly with water re-hydrates the skin cells, which absorb the water directly and expand, thus giving the freshness to the face/skin.

Also, if it is a hot day and you play in the water, it cools you down along with the above effects. The chances of natural water being hotter than the atmosphere is extremely low during the day.

Additionally, if you are drenched, the vaporizing water gives you an additional cool and this will help regulate your body temperature, much like the function that sweat serves in your body.

I must also add that it is not just humans who have such a relationship with water (of course).

Hey! Are you happy whenever you get a chance to play in the water?

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