Television Or Internet?

Image Source: Bargain Babe
Image Source: Bargain Babe

Once upon a time people were said to be television addicted but now some people are said to be internet addicted! More and more people prefer to spend their spare time over the internet instead of the TV. I also prefer to spend my time on blogging, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and other sites instead of watching soap operas or flop movies on TV.

I have to admit I can’t live without the internet, not even for a second… Ok, I’m exaggerating a little bit, maybe 1 second I can but definitely not 10 seconds LOL. I’m 100% sure it’s not just me, everyone of you are! Just that you haven’t realized it yet.

How about you? Do you prefer the internet over television?

There is only a few episodes are there which are interesting but in internet there are lots to explore so I used to be online rather to see the television. Many of us are used to sit on a PC and use lesser television.

I gave up the television years ago and couldn’t be happier about it. It was called the idiot box before, but now it really is nothing but an outdated, entirely redundant piece of hardware living on numbered days.
Some ten years back, our main mode or relaxation and entertainment at home used to be television serials and movies.

The Cosby Show. The popular television show from 1990s. (Image Source: BuzzFeed)
The Cosby Show. The popular television show from 1990s. (Image Source: BuzzFeed)
MTv was so much better back in the day when they actually played only music videos.
MTv was so much better back in the day when they actually played only music videos. (Image Source: BuzzFeed)

People used to eagerly wait for their favorite serials on TV throughout the week as we had ‘once a week’ episode type of programs not like today when we gets to see them on all week days. The quality and variety was one of the reasons for addiction. Today, surely the quality of television series has degraded and youths do not like those daily melodrama and senseless serials with ‘No End’.

Nevertheless, there are numerous television programs which I still like to watch especially all about traveling or talk show like Kick Andy, Just Alvin, Ring of Fire, 100 Hari Keliling Indonesia, Stand Up Comedy, documenter serial on Kompas TV, and Bondi Vet. Kompas TV and Metro TV have been my favorite television station recently. You can watch a lot of program enlightening your mind.

Sure, the internet is preferred over television because its control is in our hands. It covers everything which television covers. Television has certain limitations but it has the craze among them who don’t use internet. The only thing to keep in mind using television is to choose what to see. Television is just a machine. It is us who make it idiot box by watching idiotically programs. The same thing may apply to the internet.

Am I talking too much?

Back to the topic!

Image Source: Banner-banner
Image Source: Banner-banner

I have lots of reasons for selecting internet. For example We cannot contribute our thought with another person in Television but It is possible in the internet. One of the main reasons is I getting anything I want from an internet but in a TV I have limited choices depending upon the number of channels.

Firstly, I can also watch all the programs telecasted on TV from internet as well, may be a day later, but that wouldn’t mind, because I can watch it at my convenience. In this busy world, majority of us gives importance to convenience and preferences. I am also not different. haha

Therefore I watch the channel of my choice on the internet itself and more over I am more interested in news updates, which are very fast on the internet as many news papers are updating their contents with every half an hour. So I am best informed through internet than on television.

Secondly, the reason is that it is not every programmed of the television stations that are attractive to me. Some are thrash and are not really educative to me but the internet is an entity on its own where you can get all necessary information about life incidences. Don’t you think so?

We can browse number of topics/ areas of our choice. There are many useful sites for all age groups. With TV we get to see some serials, movies, news but everyone can gain lot of knowledge related to their academics, general knowledge and the like. We can also earn some money by making use of writing skills, blogs, posting recipes and many more on related sites.

So, Internet is our choice where we can watch subject of our choice and interest; a place where we can connect with people we like to be with. We just love this multi-dimensionality of internet world. And this is the reason why, like most of us, I too prefer internet over television serials and movies.
Yes, Internet has bigger option than television. In fact Internet is far useful than TV.

At times when I do not want to decide what to watch and want to be taken by the flow, I prefer the TV. It also depends on me being alone so that I have the freedom to channel surf.

Thirdly, most of the time though, the internet gives the flexibility to watch what you want, when you want. It also gives the interactivity that is not available on TV yet.

I see a future where these too merge. Already TVs with internet have come up. We also have interactive TVs out now. Soon, we will have the channels beam programs that allow interaction too.

In this modern world it is very difficult to live without Internet. ^^

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