If We Educate A Woman, We Really Educate A Generation

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Hello my lovely readers!

Today I want to write about something serious. Yes, I know I am not the expert in this kind of topic. But come on let me share my thoughts, ok?

Recently, I’ve been very irritating due to a couple of tragedies surround me. I’ve heard a story from my boyfriend that his girl college friend was aborted her baby. This is not the first time for me I heard this kind stories. But, what makes me feel so irritated is why the girls become so weak and stupid nowadays?

You haven’t prohibited having a relationship with the guy, but please being wise. If you aren’t ready yet to have a baby, you shouldn’t have a free sex before married. I have no right to judge the other people, I am not perfect, and at least I have my life principal. And the important thing is you should make a limit when you are in relationships. We were born as Indonesian, raised in the eastern tradition. There is moral value that you can’t easily skip as an eastern woman.

My point is like the title of this blog post. IF WE EDUCATE A WOMAN, WE REALLY EDUCATE OUR GENERATION. An educated woman can give a better and educated generation. I do not say that all men keep their knowledge limited to them, but it is quite valid to say that educating a woman is like educating a generation.

Girls/Women have it as a natural quality that they will share their knowledge with others, especially with the kids. Their affection and motherly love works wonder in making a child a better student and human being. However an educated mother not only contributes as a smart homemaker but also contribute as a financing source for the family. That could lead to a better living standard for the whole family.

Education is always a good investment a person can have.  Mother has much influence on a growing child. It is the mother who imparts the initial lessons and inculcates good habit in a child. Hence if the mother is educated and has good knowledge and civic sense and habits, she can impart all the good qualities to the child also.

Each child becomes a member of the society with growing up and many such good children make a good society. So a good mother is the foundation for that.

In general, mothers take prior responsibility to teach his primary education whereas the father is attached to the outside to earn. Most of the fathers have comparatively less time to share with their children. The child starts to learn even the very minor points but essential to lead our social life from his childhood and it is the crucial time when one’s character is built. Accordingly, if mothers are literate, it helps to groom their children perfectly.

Please share your views in this regard for the benefit of all.

Let’s make our life wiser.

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