What I Like The Most During Rainy Season


Back to blogging !

So it’s the rainy season.

When it rains, it pours here. I enjoy every bit of it. The smell of wet mud, rain drops tip-tapping on the window pane, the cool breeze and the lush greenery. Hmmm  … what do you like the most during rainy season?

It’s neither hot nor cold! That’s the best thing about the rainy season!. I like the night time very much. It was very enjoyable to sleep under the blanket up to late morning during the holidays.

When I was a kid, I used to long for rains. It meant full of enjoyment. Going to school in wet clothes, playing with friends, no tension of getting dirty. Looking at the rainbows and making many stories. I love it when the gutters become rivers, and little dips in the road become lakes you can splash through. I also love the grey skies when, in the heat, cooking is such a chore.

I love being in the rain and getting saturated through all my clothes about feeling cool and refreshed rather than cool as in some places. And I absolutely adore the steamy smell just after the rain has stopped – though I hate the way mould springs up on my shoes and Imy clothes!. LOL

But sometimes the rainy season is very nasty for the mankind as they cannot do ANYTHING. If the rains come faster and in force for some time, if the rain start during the office hours or while coming home it is very irritating.

Although sometimes the rainy season is bad but I’m thankful for those drops and thankful for the peace and blessings it brings.

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