How Become A Smart Traveler


Have you made a plan to travel this year? If you do, this post may be useful for you. Here some of my tips for traveling. Those are from my experiences during my travel. Voilà!

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Make sure that all the elements of the trip have been well organized:

  1. Accommodation
  2. Transportation
  3. A complete pharmacy  (it will be useful to know your health state, particularly if you have specific disease such as diabetes or allergic to some aliments).
  4. All the necessary forms for the trip (authorizations).
  5. The different forms that may be useful during the trip.
  6. Two pair of really good walking shoes, and alternate them each day. Your feet will thank you.
  7. Money and spirit! (Of course ! :p )


  1. If checking luggage, keep two changes of clothing and basic toileteries or cosmetic in your carry-on.
  2. If you are traveling with someone and both of you are checking bags, place some of your clothes in each other bag. Just in case if a bag goes missing, you at least have some things.
  3. Remind the basic security measures (careful with pickpockets).
  4. Drinking enough to avoid dehydration.
  5. On high altitude trekking, don’t forget about mountain sickness, carry with you a complete first aid pharmacy. But remember that you are not a doctor.
  6. If you are looking for the campsites or stopover point, remember it will always be chosen according to quality and security criteria (CLEANNES, CLOSENESS TO A WATER POINT, WINDPROOF ETC …).
  7. For me, I usually put my cell phone on vibrating mode during the day.  A cell phone ringtone in the middle of the desert or on the top of a mountain would spoil the magic of the place and break the ambience!.
  8. Keep in mind that you came to do an “adventure” trip and not a “shopping” trip.
  9. Please be a responsible traveler. You must be respect for the environment and populations. You must be respect of the visited sites (do not gather flowers, do respect the endemic species, be discreet when wildlife-watching, respect their habitations and habits, respect the trails, bring back your trash, do not bring back natural souvenir like corals/fossils/ old stones, and please do not do a vandalism).  It’s worth to familiarize the travelers to the local ways and custom. I prefer to eat in local ways if I am going to places.  Once more, warn the recommended or forbidden behaviors: adapted clothing, photo-taking conditions, bargaining etc. And as well, respect local legislation.


If you travel by plane, take some spare time for the airport transfer to face risks: traffic jam, tire punctures, demonstrations, accidents, etc. I was once missed my flight from Jakarta to Semarang due to the woooooorrst traffic jam. And believe me that was the worst thing I ever had in an airport. I have to find ticket for the next flight (It was difficult), I have to spend extra money for the next flight and my accommodation because I got the flight for the next two days!. The best part of this situation was I used my extra days in Jakarta to explore the city and around. It was fun enough!

Victory meets preparation. Prepare well your travel, make your travel awesome! – Heni

Do you have some tips to share? Lemme know!

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