I Am Neither An Introvert Nor An Extrovert Person.

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Hello sweeties!

Anybody missed me?hehe

How’s life treating you lately? I hope you had fantastic day yeah? I’m so happy with getting back. Sorry for my sporadic blogging habits. I wrote this post while I didn’t feel much better, your comments helped to buoy my spirits a bit. I woke up on Wednesday morning in a pretty dark mood.

Tonight, when I’ve been out socializing for a while, I sometimes like to go home and be by myself because I am a human being who occasionally enjoys my privacy.  I think this is an alarm for me to spend a little time to separate from the outside world, FYI, I currently very enjoyed spending my spare time ALONE. I can read books or anything else, because I am not a stultifying moron. It’s not a big deal.

Let me tell you, I am pretty sure I fall into the introvert extrovert person.  Yes I am a combination of both. I am just a human being with largely the same response to social situations as everyone else. We are such unique creatures, hey?:) 

I am pretty dynamic and outgoing and extrovert person with people I know, but to those I don’t know well (and whom I am shy around), I may seem unapproachable or unfriendly or exclusionary. I am not, at all. I am more likely to get my energy while alone, but I do get energy from people, too. It depends on the situation.

So, to all my beloved friends, If you feel that I am not in the best mood please let me to take a break. Just for a while. I believe nothing can heal me if I didn’t heal myself. I need to calm my soul by myself. It doesn’t mean that I don’t  want to share my stories to you.  I would like to tell you when I feel better. *Fingercross

Anyway, life has gotten really complicated for me. Sometimes I think I’ll be fine by myself, but the truth is I still need your support guys.  Hmm … maybe I am an introvert in an extrovert world?haha .. never mind.

But I wonder, are writers introverts or extroverts?

Me? As a child, I was very shy. As an adult, I’ve gone through a trekking guide for French native speaker, requiring me to speak to many people.  I was a French teacher , I was joined a lot campus organizations in my university, I was attending  a decent forum and community. Over the past 5 years, I have talked so much.

Right now, I write a blog. I want people to see what I write. I enjoy making connections and interact with others. I am an observer, and I learn a lot about human behavior from watching. I find my medication is to get out and explore new places. But I guess, in a way, writing is about creating new places for me to explore.

What about you? Are you an introvert or an extrovert person? I’d like to know. 😀

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  1. I feel like it’s like that for me, sometimes I’m more an extrovert and sometimes more an introvert… I certainly think that there’s people leaning more to one side, but I can’t say that I have found my side!

    1. Ncis says:

      Me too..At the first time I thought I was an introvert, then I realized that I am an extrovert too for the same reason is. Anyway this is just my analysis.

  2. arip says:

    Yeah, it’s depend on condition. But I have more introvert side.

    1. Ncis says:

      It was a great adventure in understanding ourself. 😀

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