Bad News In Early Year

It does not matter do slow you go so long as you do not stop.

That’s what I said to myself, just to cheer up my heart. If I have posted something about my thesis, then I’ll now talk about that. Like everybody else, at their final year of studying, I feel that anxious. I am so sad because I can’t graduate in February due to some of the technical problems. My mood has no space to negotiate with, graduated really soon next month. I feel incomplete and miserable now. T_T

* Take a deep breath … take a deep breath … take a deep breath … 

Anyway, on my course (as a student of French), we spent so much time on pointless things with no relevance to daily life. What is the point of understanding how to conjugate the passé simple, a tense rarely used apart from in historical texts, if we can barely string a normal sentence together?.

I am SO PUMPED to graduate and start my fabulous adult life. All I can really try and do is to stay calm and set my efforts to MAXIMUM. I don’t want to waste my time more and more. I want to focus on handling my unfinished business, MY THESIS!

There is much to be done

Uuuhh … there’s absolutely no reason to mope around longingly when there is a whole world of alternative opportunities out there waiting to embrace me, right?.

Maybe I should take a chance become volunteer to spend my spare time until the date of my graduation come? It makes for a nice line item on a resume and can lead to other things/connections hah?. I believe networking is one of the most important skills that you’ll need for the rest of your life. Don’t you think that employers prefer people with real work experience?

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