Happy New Year 2014 Everyone + My Resolutions

YO YO everyone HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014!!

2013 is about to end, and I am about to spend my New Year in Yogyakarta (again .. !- ____-)

Looking back now, I experience so many things that I have never expected before… Both good, and bad. It all came for a purpose, I believe. To make me stronger, and a better person. I learn a lot this year, and I feel like I have become more mature, yet somehow I lose a little bit of my cheerfulness though. And I blame adult life.

2013 has become a great year for me, I’ve done a lot, but haven’t done more. 2013 also becomes the first year that I am into blogging seriously (I made my blog on March 2012), which brought me to expand friendships.

Anyway, I also want to make a goal for myself in 2014… Last year goals were  achieved almost complete, so let’s see what 2014 will bring to me.  Here are my 2014 New Year’s Resolutions!


This is an obvious and a boring resolution but it’s necessary. Eat better food and drink more mineral water.  I think I would try to the new sport. Currently I am into freestyle slalom, but I need the other sport that I could practice regularly with minimum risk. Also I inspired by Andien Aisyah (a famous jazz singer in Indonesia) who has a supercooooool body!! You can stalker her on Instagram  account @andienaisyah .


–          I would like to write more on the blog.

–          I want to finish my education at uni, ASAP!

–          Set up my online profile. Because what? 2014 will be the big year for me. If I graduate from my uni that means I am gonna start a new chapter of my life esp my career.  So I wanna build up my online profile as the best I can.

–          Finish all the projects that I am handling right now, successfully.


–          Save more, spend less.

–          I want to be more educated on business, etc.


–          Travel more! In 2013 I didn’t travel a lot. Sad 😦

–          I will make a back-up data regularly.  A crashed hardrive usually means that the important and precious data is gone forever. Believe me, you don’t want this happening to you.

–          Be closer to God.

–          Have a great social life with a bunch of friends of mine.

–          Improve my skill as a freestyle slalom inline skater.

What’s your 2014 Resolutions?! Lemme know 😀 ❤

3 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2014 Everyone + My Resolutions

  1. Happy Nu Year 2014, Ncis! Kamu tinggal di Semarang ya? Oya, makasih ya, sudah taruh link blogku di tempatmu. Aku juga mau taruh link blogmu di tempatku. Anyway, salam kenal ya. 🙂

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