Happy New Year 2014 Everyone + My Resolutions

YO YO everyone HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014!!

2013 is about to end, and I am about to spend my New Year in Yogyakarta (again .. !- ____-)

Looking back now, I experience so many things that I have never expected before… Both good, and bad. It all came for a purpose, I believe. To make me stronger, and a better person. I learn a lot this year, and I feel like I have become more mature, yet somehow I lose a little bit of my cheerfulness though. And I blame adult life.

2013 has become a great year for me, I’ve done a lot, but haven’t done more. 2013 also becomes the first year that I am into blogging seriously (I made my blog on March 2012), which brought me to expand friendships.Continue reading “Happy New Year 2014 Everyone + My Resolutions”

Tagline Blog, Pentingkah?


Bagi para blogger yang aktif di dunia maya mungkin sudah tak asing lagi dengan kata itu. Namun bagi orang yang masih awam mungkin masih bingung membedakan antara tagline dengan slogan. Kalo menurut pemahaman gampangnya saya, tagline itu sifatnya memberikan gambaran isi ‘produk’ kita, sementara slogan sifatnya mengajak dan biasanya punya tujuan tertentu.

Saya sendiri dulu awalnya bingung pas pertama kali buat blog ingin membuat tagline yang seperti apa. Sejauh ini saya sudah 3 kali ganti tagline. Mulai dari ….Continue reading “Tagline Blog, Pentingkah?”

It’s time for some ME time!

It’s Sunday again!

Ça va my dear readers? Hope you’ve all had a good start to the new week!

Gosh I feel like time flies away tooooo fast. I need to balance everything between blogging and do all the tasks I have to do in order to get the best achievements. Huft .. I’m not really in the mood of writing, but it seems that as soon as my hand starts to type.

As I grow older [Oooh NOOOO …] I feel that home is the best to relax and soothe my soul, charging it, so it can produce great activities afterward. I personally feel there’s nothing wrong by having one day “ME TIME” at home and my own business! Esp when Iting not in Semarang. hihihi ^^

So what I do on holiday are …..Continue reading “It’s time for some ME time!”

Happy Mother’s Day

Hello folks!
It’s Sunday and the cold weather is finally here. Saking dinginnya saya semalem tidur pake kaos kaki juga. Dan bisa ditebak deh akhirnya saya bangun siang, jam 12! hehe … gag apa-apa lah ya kan hari Minggu. 😀
I know that today is Mother’s Day. And I think that certainly calls for a blog post!
On this Mother’s Day, best wishes to everyone who is a mom, wanting to be a mom, appreciating a mom, filling in for a mom, or missing a mom today.
ma fam 7

This is the day we try to remember all the good things our mothers have done for us.Continue reading “Happy Mother’s Day”

Astra Freestyle Slalom Skating Competition

WARNING: This post is going to be filled with photos.

Now, for those who’ve decided to continue reading, come along, let’s start!

I cant really decide which pictures to share so i decided to just put everything up!! -_____-


If you’ve already read my previous post, pasti udah tahu donk ya kalo kemarin tanggal 8 Desember saya mengikuti kompetisi inline. Lebih tepatnya syh jadi panitia + peserta juga. Acara yang bertajuk Astra Freestyle Slalom Skating Cometition ini sebenarnya untuk regional Jateng dan DIY namun bersifat open. Artinya di luar daerah Jateng dan DIY juga bisa berpastisipasi, ya cuma tingkatnya tetep regional, jadi poinnya juga gag sebanyak kalo nasional atau internasional.Continue reading “Astra Freestyle Slalom Skating Competition”

Tout ce que j’ai rêvé de faire …


Tout ce que j’ai rêvé de faire …

1. Conduire une avion. À cette seule idée, aujourd’hui, je frémis. Mais j’aime toujours prendre l’avion. Les long couriers surtout. Ces deux mots, long et couriers, me font rêvér, toute une correspondence.
2. Sauter une parachute. Maintenant, quand je monte à une échelle, j’ai les guibolles qui tremblent e je ferme les yeux. Alors si je dois sauter et ne rien voir du paysage, à quoi bon?
3. Jouer du guitar et vraiment très bien.Continue reading “Tout ce que j’ai rêvé de faire …”

Ice Cream Party Mall Ciputra


Lama banget gag nulis, akhirnya bisa mlipir ke sini bentar ya. Semoga follower saya gag pada ilang ya gara-gara saya lamaaaa absen. 😦

Sumpah kemarin sibuk banget prepare buat Astra Freestyle Slalom Skating Competition sampai gag sempet ngutik-ngutik blog. Btw tar pasti bakalan saya tulis keseruan event kemarin di postingan mendatang kalo mood buat nulis banyak udah muncul lagi.hihihiContinue reading “Ice Cream Party Mall Ciputra”