Friendship Sunday: the friend who over-shares

I have a friend who is an over-sharer and I am not quite sure how to deal with it.

I am someone who doesn’t easily judge. I am relatively open-minded. I am definitely not black and white in my thinking.

These qualities that I have (that are all good qualities, if I must say so myself) are kind of counting against me. Because my friend thinks that it’s OK for her buat ngobrol tentang APA SAJA meeeeeen!.

Trust me, it’s really bad.

Saya gag keberatan ngobrol tentang s*x dan hal-hal semacamnya. Saya bahkan gag komplain ketika teman saya sibuk nggosipin orang, yang buat saya pribadi kadang terlalu berlebihan deh. Yaah … namanya juga cewek kadang suka kelewat batas kalo udah ngobrol. Suka lupa waktu juga. Padahal bergunjing kan gag baik dalam agama ya. Astagfirullah…

Ada beberapa hal yang lebih baik dibicarakan HANYA dengan tembok di kamar kita, maksud saya ya ada hal-hal yang lebih baik kita simpan sendiri. I feel myself going RED in my face when she starts to over share. I don’t embarrass easily so can you even imagine how bad it is?. I guess a part of me feels flattered that she trusts me the way she does. And I guess I am nosy about people’s lives – this is why I read blogs btw.  And I am ALWAYS interested in WHY people behave in the ways that they do, not so much WHAT they do. But I NEVER ask. She always volunteers.  And I don’t respond either. I just listen. Serius deh!

Dan sekarang saya ingin menghentikannya.

So I need for you to tell me HOW to make it stop.

I like my friend and enjoy her company very much. We have lots of laughs and quite a deep connection.  I don’t particularly want to avoid her for long periods. We really do have loads of fun together and she’s a tremendous support to me. However, the over sharing buat saya sedikit berlebihan.

Do you have friends who are over-sharers? How do you deal with them?

Do you tell them to stop? Are you brave enough?

Or are you like me? I just smile and wave, despite feeling my face go RED! huuuuuh!

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