Internet, Phones and Weekends

Hello fellas! Today was super lazy day. How was your weekend?

I still haven’t done my phone upgrade that I was meant to do in December 2012. However, my phone is falling apart now  and I actually need to replace it. I may as well go for an Android phone. I have 4 phones in mind and I’m making a pros and cons list to help me make the final decision.

In order to keep this bill low it would mean that I need to have my house  wifi’ed (is this even a word?) as we currently connect only via 3G.  It kind of annoys me that I have to spend money to keep my bill manageable (the irony is NOT lost on me) but I guess it is what it is. I’m currently looking at various options but I have an idea which one I’m going to go for.

This is what I need to know from you.

Do you have a WIFI connection in your home? If so, can I ask which option you use? Could you give me a price range of what this endeavour is costing you? If you are using a smartphone,  can you share with me some tips on HOW do you keep your bill manageable?


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