Generation Y?

Apakah kamu salah satu dari Generation Y?

Video berikut ini mungkin bisa memberikan sedikit gambaran mengenai Generation Y.

Bagi kamu yang lahir antara 1977-1997 (The Echo of the Baby Boom) bisa dikatakan masuk dalam Generasi Y, dan ternyata saya termasuk dalam Generasi Y juga. Entah kenapa saya tertarik untuk membahas ini, mungkin karena hal ini amat sangat dekat lingkungan sekitar saya. Salah satu ciri utama dari Generasi Y yang ada di sekitar saya adalah melek teknologi, sangat akrab dengan internet (How would Generation Y Cope with Work without the Internet? Generation Y grew up with the Internet. What skills would they have to learn if it were all to disappear?LOL), memiliki ambisi yang tinggi dan juga mengenyam pendidikan paling tinggi di antara generasi yang lain. Continue reading “Generation Y?”

Internet, Phones and Weekends

Hello fellas! Today was super lazy day. How was your weekend?

I still haven’t done my phone upgrade that I was meant to do in December 2012. However, my phone is falling apart now  and I actually need to replace it. I may as well go for an Android phone. I have 4 phones in mind and I’m making a pros and cons list to help me make the final decision.

In order to keep this bill low it would mean that I need to have my house  wifi’ed (is this even a word?) as we currently connect only via 3G.  It kind of annoys me that I have to spend money to keep my bill manageable (the irony is NOT lost on me) but I guess it is what it is. I’m currently looking at various options but I have an idea which one I’m going to go for.

This is what I need to know from you.

Do you have a WIFI connection in your home? If so, can I ask which option you use? Could you give me a price range of what this endeavour is costing you? If you are using a smartphone,  can you share with me some tips on HOW do you keep your bill manageable?