What’s for breakfast?

I LOVE breakfast.

It may be my most favourite meal of the day. I am usually STARVING when  I wake up. I would get up and make myself one slice of bread with some cheese as my starter breakfast or fried rice. You know, just to tide me over until I get to work. I would usually have that with an apple or any other piece of fruit that I have in my home.

I do love to eat something nice and warm and filling in the mornings. My preferred breakfast =  something that contains  protein because I find that protein tides me over a lot longer in the mornings than just a carb. For my breakfasts, I keep it simple so I choose eggs (btw talking about eggs, I just learned that they are a better source of iron than spinach (need to research that).

I am looking at cutting out all the very starchy carbs like bread, rice and potatoes. I have already started and eat other carb alternatives like bananas. Yes I loooooove bananas! This complicates my breakfast life even further because it feels like so little food! What would fill me up if I don’t eat rice?

So I would LOVE some cool breakfast ideas from you.

Are you big on breakfast?

What’s your favourite thing to eat in the morning?



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